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  • It's a great addon but be wary, as soon many sites will find ways to detect this addon and prevent users from going to their sites with this addon. But it's very good.
  • I love this add on i have not seen another add since i have downloaded this.
  • nice
  • Thank you for this great plugin, ads are all gone now.
  • Mußte leider gerade FF-Browser komplett deinstallieren wegen "importierter Probleme"..Hatte also Grund, über erneute/neue Installationen von AddOns etc nachzudenken: Das Adblock Plus ist ohne Frage SELBSTVERSTÄNDLICH wieder an Bord!! habe die letzten fünf Monate damit gesurft und bin B E G E I S T E R T !!! Im Vergleich zu meiner Adblock-freien Surferei voher ist es nun unglaublich augenschonend, weil es einem soviel Werbemüll vom Browser hält:-) ... Sehr gut auch die Möglichkeit, individuelle Einstellungen abseits von Filter-Abos vornehmen zu können. Herzlichen Dank an Wladimir Palatin!
  • Well helps fight viruses and advertising! What ever pop-ups, now I forgot ...
  • Thanks U
  • hi thank you for such a great add-on. A side note to cece how dare you use a review for an ad blocker for your own ad.
  • hi thank you for such a great add-on. A side note to cece how dare you use a review for an ad blocker for your own ad.
  • i just downloaded this add-on its the best thing thats happend for a wile,its nice to surf without all the crap that im not even interested in.thank you so much..........
  • This add-on works great! The only thing I dislike about it is that even if it keeps you from seeing ads, you can still accidentally click on them *because* you can't see them.
  • If our U.S. Congress approves the unemployment extension next week, I will send you a donation!! (I'm currently out of work and out of $$, otherwise I'd donate right now!!).
  • I downloaded this add-on for the first time a couple weeks ago and was terribly disappointed. Less than 25% of ads were being blocked, and I had to manually keep adding filter rules to block ads, which was slowing me down online (and add-ons are supposed to ENHANCE our browsing, not drag us down, right?). I was so frustrated I nearly abandoned Firefox altogether in favor of Google Chrome (because the AdBlocker I downloaded for Chrome worked perfectly--however I hate Chrome's Download Manager, but I was so disgusted with FF's AdBlock Plus that I was ready to put up with Chrome's weird downloads).

    Anyway, I thought I'd give things one more try. So I uninstalled both AdBlock Plus AND Firefox, then reinstalled both. When I chose my filter list, I chose EASYLIST instead of the FANBOY LIST (or whatever it's called), which was the default choice for me. And VOILA! Now AdBlock Plus works PERFECTLY!! I am so thrilled! Now I know what all the rave reviews here were about: AdBlock Plus is fantastic...IF you use the EASYLIST filter and not FANBOYLIST!

    So...if any of you are having problems with ABP or it just doesn't seem to be working as promised, check your filter subscription: make sure you check EASYLIST English (for U.S. users). It made all the difference in the world to me...I LOVE IT!!!
  • This is the best addon i have ever seen in my whole live ... whoever the programmer of this addon ist I LOVE YOU ... This addon is so unbelievable good ... i love it so much... its such a good feelig to be able to kill all the things you dont like ... wonderful!

    Pls continue developing its realy great.
  • great!
  • absolutely essential!
  • Saves loading time for low end dial up users :D
    Great add-on
  • I've gotten so used to Ad Block over the years, I don't even think of it as anything but an integral part of Firefox.

    The subscription list catches virtually everything I don't want to see, and little, if any, that I do.

    I also find it invaluable in blocking things such as the Facebook 'Like" scripts that many consider privacy invasive.
  • I cannot think browsing without ADBLOCK

    Adblock has changed my browsing xperience completely

    We have the right "NOT TO SEE ADDS" which eats up your bandwidth.

    We have the right "PROTECT OURSELVES FROM TRACKING SCRIPT ETC" which is a privacy concern.

  • Works Great! Thanks guys.
  • The only thing that keeps Firefox and NOT Opera as my default browser is this add-on! Really thank you for the update! Seems it's workin' with 4 beta 1! I was worried for a while, when I saw that it isn't worked once! But of course I trust you!

    Btw it isn't reason to rate ABP with one star! Just a bit patience!
  • Good work with this add-on. Many of the annoyances of the web can be filtered using this add-on, and I recommend it to any client using FireFox!
  • best add in ever.
  • Very good!
  • I really love Ad Blocker, it's one of the first things I add on a new install of Firefox, but there is one thing... Does it really need to update every other bloody day!!!! It never used to do this, is it some sort of new feature, or is it because advertising companies keep coming up with new and inventive ways to annoy us.