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  • Dead addon
  • Perfect utility for remote acces some tp-link routers.
  • When I go from https://www.apple.com/de/shop/browse/account/home to https://secure.store.apple.com/de/shop/account/setup/start_default I get a CSP violation if Referer Control is active.

    Firefox Warning in the site:
    > Blockiert von der Inhaltsicherheitsrichtlinie (CSP)
    > Beim Verbinden mit idmsa.apple.com trat ein Fehler auf.
    > Firefox hat diese Webseite daran gehindert, auf diese Weise geladen zu werden, weil die Webseite eine Inhaltsicherheitsrichtlinie (Content Security Policy) hat, die dies nicht erlaubt.
  • It worked okay for a long time but it's broken now. It will stop things from being displayed each new session unless you keep clearing the cache each new session.
  • Just like others have reported, my settings are getting deleted from time to time. Sometimes the refferer settings aren't sent at all, and it requires changing something in the settings to make them work again.

    Since this addon isn't developed anymore, I started using the following:
  • Dev don't give a *** about feedbacks and bug reports !

    As he told 2019/03/14: "There is no bug-fix update for Firefox planned at the moment. Perhaps you can use the Chrome extension, which works fine."

    This add-on is obviously plain dead.
  • Hello.

    Thanks for the very useful add-on.

    There are 2 bugs in it:
    1). After restarting the browser, the "Context Menu entry" option is not saved.
    2). After restarting the browser add-on does not work.

    Would you please fix these two bugs.
    Thank you very much.

    Sorry I had to put 1 star. But while the add-on is not suitable for use. After fixing bugs, I will put 5 stars.

    I noticed that these errors were reported to you 2 years ago. Please indicate your position on them. If you are not going to correct these errors, then tell us about it, please. Then I will not wait for anything and hope for anything, and I will look for another add-on.

    I wish you success and good luck. Thanks again.
  • WARNING I only use this for 1 website and other users have been complaining about other issues.

    I haven't ran into any issues at all using this addon. It allows me to use multiple websites like Sankaku, Danbooru, and Pixiv while having all the images load for them. As to where before they would break.

    Useful addon if you have certain issues with HTTP Referers.
  • This extension works if you want a simple switch to toggle referers on and off on a global level (three clicks to toggle this, including closing the extension settings tab). But the options to set up per-site rules are confusing. There is not a clear feedback as to how the extension is behaving on a given page. It's also not clear if the per-site rules are in effect if the top level "Referer Control Status" is set to Inactive. So if I want to allow all referers everywhere except to/from specific domains... no idea if this is working.
  • Time range to clear : choose "Everything",
    Details : choose "Cookies" or "Offline Website Data"
    Clean and all referer setting are been deleted.

    I don't know why the author don't fix this bug. Maybe he don't understand how to fix it. If someone that who know how to do, please told him.
  • Add-on's settings get lost if during a session one opens the add-on preferences in a tab and then -either with this tab still still open or closed- clears cache-etc. data.
    If ones clears cache-etc. data without having opened this add-on's preferences during the present session, its settings are sometimes retained, sometimes not (can't pinpoint the exact triggers/conditions, if there are specific ones).
    Hence the 2 stars; it's almost useless if almost every time I have to reenter the reference configuration for sites.
    When this gets fixed and if there are indeed no longer as others claim calls to google analytics etc, then imo this would be a fine alternative to the old pre-Quantum refererence control add-on, worthy of 5 stars.

    Also the bubble-like url field to enter a referer is absent or "minimized" when one first sets a setting for a site. One has to close the add-on preferences tab and reopen it for the referer field to appear and function normally, i.e. in order for one to be able to fill in the url.

    PS Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
  • First, thanks for your extension. I like it really much. But when i close firefox with clearing offline website data and restart firefox it does not work anymore. The entries exist but have no effect (it sends referer) and the deactivated context menu is also reactivated. I have to change something in the entries to make the extension work again.
    Please fix it soon. Thx
    (you can test it with site https://referer.rustybrick.com/ and site http://www.stardrifter.org/cgi-bin/ref.cgi)
    What Firefox version do you use? Please contact info@keepa.com so I can help. Reviews are not meant for bug reports.
  • With the new update, the addon no longer makes unnecessary connections to paypalobjects.com, keepa.com, disqus.com at options. Google Analytics was disabled from previous versions. It was never blatant spyware as others have said. It works as good as the defunct RefControl

    Developer: Settings by are lost by clear 'offline website data'. localStorage API use in extension is not advised.
  • Reproduce all rules lost after clearing all history:
    1,click the ctrl+shift+delete, clear all history,
    2,click the Referer Control icon enter rules panel.
    All rules are gone! Including the configuration!
  • As the previous comment said, connects to google analytics + impossible to block = shouldn't even be on AMO
    100% agree.

    Awesome in feature, terrible in privacy.
    An Disqus comments iframe was used on the options page to provide help and get feedback. With the upcoming version 1.30 this is removed and no more external content will be loaded or connections to be made with.
    Sorry for any privacy issues this may have caused, it was most certainly not intentional.
    The extension connects to disqus and google analytics in the privileged environment of the extension settings page every single time this page is open. Those connections are impossible to block using webextensions (that level of security was only possible with pre-quantum legacy extensions which are now forbidden by Mozilla). No privacy policy covering this hidden data collection is warning the user. Therefore it shouldn't even be on AMO.

    In addition, the extension does not even work properly ; all settings are reset after clearing history.
    You call it spyware because there is a Disqus comments iframe in the options page? Well, anyhow, this "feature" was used on the options page to provide help and get feedback. With the upcoming version 1.30 this is removed and no more external content will be loaded. Sorry for any privacy issues this may have caused, it was most certainly not intentional.
  • in privacy mode, it can't read the customer setting, only can't be used the new setting.
  • Clear all website settings cookie and cache, Start Firefox Referer Control not work.
  • It's pretty good, works like the original with only UA differences. happy to have an addon that will continue to work in the future. It's kind of weird the developers website and only other addon is an amazon price tracker.
  • clear all target history still lose all settings, maybe you should find an other safty way to save settings file.
  • Finally learnt how to use this addon, does what it said.
    But I cann't find which file the settings are stored. Cause I need to make a portable Firefox version, when I open it on another PC, the Referer Control settings are empty.