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  • Excellent.
  • I was busy writing when I noticed my computer slowing down. Very aggravating. The cursor jerking around, I was becoming very angry and couldn't think what app or program was causing this. I suffered for a moment and suddenly a non-intrusive popup came across the top of the screen. It told me which program was causing tje problem!! I quickly delted the darn it. You guys are freakin' amazing and I'm lovin' it!!!! TNA , YOU !
  • I just started using it, no experiences as yet.
  • Блокирует глобально, для всех сайтов сразу. Классно.
  • As of 1/30 this add on appears to hijack links. When clicking links a new tab opens a page on 'iyfsearch.com'.
  • Work's great
  • OBVIOUS malware.
    You don't need those permissions to turn a settings flag on/off.
  • Very convenient!
  • On phone: seems great at first, but the toolbar option to disable/enable disappears after restarting Firefox, and you need to go to add-ons and disable and reenable the plugin each time.