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  • Muy util.
  • Hi, thanks for this awesome extension! Could you please add an option that could allow the extension directly open in the sidebar after clicking the button instead of opening in a new window?
  • Is there any way to have the HTTP Header Live Main open in a new tab instead of a separate window?
    I am trying to incorporate this addon for use with selenium webdriver.
    currently unfortunately yes. but there is the possibility to open it in the sidebar
  • Great replacement for Live HTTP Headers! I didn't expect to find one.
    And very active developer.
    Thank you for this extension!
  • Thanks for providing a backup option. It would be good to have the below features as well.

    1. Provide an option to give a comma separated list of domains, so that the addon will take them and parse them.
    2. In the "Add text to url", the text is being added to all the urls. Instead, if that is changed to "add Text to Specifix domain", then the text will be appended to only specific domains which is a very good feature.
    Added a "Backup" feature
  • Thank you!
  • Nice
  • Nice resurrection of live HTTP Headers ! The actual HTTP error codes (200, 404 etc) are missing though and I wish it could also display sent headers, and not only received headers.
  • Am liebsten würde ich 10 Sterne geben, das Addon ist mit Abstand das Beste um die Live Headers auszulesen.
    Weiterhin gibt es auch sinnvolle Optionen welche die Arbeit weiter erleichtern.

    Der technische Support ist auch ausgezeichnet - Ein MUST HAVE!!!
  • Fantastic! Especially the filtering capabilities. Thank you so much!
  • Replacement for Live HTTP Headers is HERE! Thank you for developing this!

    A nice-to-have feature: Being able to choose from a few different themes for the output (vs. the stock black and white).
  • Thanks! A great addon finally! Nice visual, simple and do what promise..
    I'm looking for it after the addon Live Http Headers shut down...

    One more tip:
    - in search window and replay window, it shows long text lines, so I need to scroll to the side... Can you put a option to put all text aligned? Thanks.
    - when I replay a information, the page opens in the same origin tab... There is a possibility to open the replay in the active tab already open in browser (not the origin tab)?
    Added Option "Send to new Tab" :-)
  • Much needed and exact replacement for old Live http headers, great ! Thanks !
  • Perfect for what I need. It provides simple HTTP headers and relevant info in a well formatted, easy to read window.
    The option to save to a file would be nice, but still nice as is. Thanks for developing!
    File Save is in the new Version