Ben Basson


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Név Ben Basson
Hely London
Foglalkozás Lead Developer, Fivium
Ezóta tag March 5, 2007
Létrehozott kiegészítők száma 6 kiegészítő
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Since 2004, I've been writing Firefox extensions as hobby projects to solve feature gaps or problems that I've had with the browser, and I hope to continue doing so in my spare time for the foreseeable future.

Professionally, I'm a Lead Developer working for Fivium in London, using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, XML and web-tier technologies.

Saját kiegészítéseim

New Tab Homepage

A very simple tabbed browsing extension that loads your homepage when you open a new tab. If you have multiple homepages, the first is chosen.

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165 639 felhasználó

Context Search Újraindítást igényel

Expands the context menu's 'Search for' item into a list of installed search engines, allowing you to choose the engine you want to use for each search.

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Image Toolbar Újraindítást igényel

Single-click access to common actions for images (e.g. saving, copying, printing). This extension is intended to provide a replacement for the equivalent toolbar in Internet Explorer.

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15 894 felhasználó

Context Highlight Újraindítást igényel

Allows you to quickly and easily highlight all instances of a word or phrase within the current page. Simply select the text you want, right click and choose "highlight"...

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3 400 felhasználó

Foobar Controls Újraindítást igényel

Allows you to control the Foobar2000 Mp3 player from the Firefox window...

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220 felhasználó

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