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  • Such a blessing! Especially in combination with the keyboard shortcuts add-on. Would be greater still if containers set up would sync over the Firefox profile to keep them in sync across devices!
  • usefull
  • I realy love this extension, it's what I always searched for!
    One feature that I'd love to see is the ability to map containers with firefox accounts.
    By that I mean I have a personal firefox account with a set of bookmarks and a professional one.
    Firefox containers kind of overlap with firefox accounts. On one hand I can access all my bookmarks and on the other one I can separate concerns easily.

    Maybe I'm missing something but that would be awesome instead of going about:profiles everytime.
  • One of the most useful add-ons available right now.
  • The idea is great, it worked great. It took me weeks to finetune everything and really think about what I would like to open in which container. Had a few problems with webshops opening in one container and the bank to pay in a different one. Also quite a few 'prove that you are who you say you are by clicking the link in your email' type of situations, which were opened in the wrong tabs. Everything in the end worked great! But then I had a problem with firefox and decided to refresh firefox. Normally not a problem, due to sync I have all my settings back within a few minutes. But every site was opening without containers. I waited and waited and waited and waited... Yeah, no link to sync. Bye bye weeks of work to get 12 containers work brilliantly.

    Since one of the most important functions is completely missing... only 2* otherwise 5*
  • First: good idea. But there is no such thing as being able to "sort" the container folder. I looked everywhere.
    Second, I created new tabs under the provided option, but I do not have or see the option to create a new one when I rightclick to see the container with all tabs there.It does only show "re-open a container. I don't want to reopen but create a new additional one.
    I have right no pages in any tab because just installed the multi container addon.
    Howand when does the option "to create a new tab" show at all?

    Maybe I don't understand the concept. Should it not be able to be handled similar to a bookmark or save the tab?
    It's not very clear from the writeup for options.
  • I don't use Firefox Multi-Account Containers to its full potential, and it's great when I do use it. Wish it existed years ago.
    It's going to take some time to focus on creating meaningful containers (and applying them). From there, it should be easy.
  • It has worked for a short time, you could create tabs with their own container, and it just stopped working, it stopped creating tabs all together. I do not recommend, it is unreliable.
  • Amazing. Was using two profiles w/o knowing this extension exists. Thanks, Mozilla.
  • Privacy on the fly!