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  • Spyware: http://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

    Also: The original Stylish extension was abandoned about a year ago, then someone picked it up, added some shady stuff to it and made it proprietary. There's a legal issue involving this one as well, because the original extension was licensed under GPLv3, so the current developers are _required_ to disclose the source code of the most recent version, and they're not doing it.

  • See the blog post here: https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/. This add-in harvests your data. STAY AWAY.

  • Distributing spyware that collects all browser history.

  • Spyware. Violates GDPR. Use Stylus instead. https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

  • This browser extension logs ALL your browser history and sends it to servers for "statistics". These URLs can include authentication tokens, for example: when you click on a password reset link email, or when you visit your social media page with your full name in the URL. Remove the extension, and read more here: https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

  • Tracking user history without asking consent....

  • spyware

  • spyware

  • https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

  • https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

    This add-on is spyware. Stylus replicates its functionality and doesn't steal your browsing history. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/styl-us/

  • Privacy nonsense

  • privacy problems

  • No thanks. I don't need an extension that sniffs my data.

  • privacy issues

  • Spyware.

  • Privacy concerns

  • Stay away from this extension. Stylish collects EVERYTHING the user does and sends it to their servers. See https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/ for a breakdown and more information. This add-on needs to be pulled as soon as possible!

  • Stylish collects and transmits all your browsing behavior over the internet in order to analyze and sell this data. Have a look at 'Stylus' which is a fork of stylish without the invasive privacy infringements.

  • https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

  • According to this:

    this plugin tracks your internet traffic. This cannot be tolerated

  • According to this article the Stylish browser extension violates your privacy by sending your browser history to foreign servers


    This cannot be tolerated and breaks trust. No more Stylish for me.

  • Spyware!. Records every keystroke, every website visited, and sends it to their server: https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/

  • For all those complaining that Stylish stopped working on FF 61: Mozilla (again) broke up things. "-moz-document" (which never left the "experimental" status) is now blocked to work on remote URL, i.e., it's useless now. Just remove the "-moz-document" lines from the scripts and they will start working again. About the URL restrictions, now Stylish requires the addresses to be input in a specific field on the bottom of the script editing Page. Of course, incorporating "-moz-document" in the script was much easier, dozens of domains could be filtered at once. Now, they have to be entered one by one. On the plus side, Stylish still has the same flexibility regarding domain definitions, including regex rules! On the plus-plus side, it doesn't depend on Mozilla's moods anymore...

    Réponse du développeur

    Thanks Cyberknight! We'll try to upload a fix soon with the 'moz-document' removed by default, as we have it on Chrome. Our Chrome users have been using the 'Specify' field for domains, for quite a while now. As you've mentioned, the regxp pretty much gives you the same flexibly that the moz-document does, without the dependency on FF's changes.

  • Here's the solution to FF 61.0.

  • Not working in Firefox 61.0