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  • Spyware SH*T!
  • It's spyware now.
  • dont work with tumblr
  • It's spyware nowadays, use alternative like Stylus for the same functionality.
  • nice
  • The review below mine made by @riversiderepeat says is true to an extent -- Stylish is indeed a spyware, but Stylus IS NOT. They (the user that made the comment) clearly put 0 (as in none) effort into researching the add-on, looking at the source code, reading the wiki page, or really just looking at forum posts and/or articles all over the web about Stylus and why it exists -- which is very ignorant on their end.

    What Stylish is doing here is very malicious and to see it being brought back to AMO is a disgrace. Mozilla, is this the way you fight for the privacy of your users -- by letting some 3rd party companies steal the data of your users?

    By bringing back the add-on to the AMO with all the spyware inside of it, which is just one single click away and people get NO warnings about the seriousness of the data they're going to be giving out for a feature that's used once in a while and never again, is seriously disappointing. Sigh.

    To Stylish developers, shame on you guys and congratulations on destroying one of the most amazing add-ons that were ever created as well as the USo, the forum, and everything in between. The add-on became a disappointment once it was sold out the first, and especially even more so when it got sold the second time.
  • Yeah. Spyware and a resource hog. AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE TELLING EVERYONE TO USE STYLUS INSTEAD, THEY ARE THE SAME COMPANY SO DON'T USE THAT EITHER!! Mozilla should be ashamed letting crap like this go on under their watch. Can't trust anyone anymore!!
  • Since a better addon "Stylus" exists, this legacy "Stylish" version is only giving away your complete browsing history to a commercial and dubious 3rd party in exchange for sweets.

    At first sight, it might conform to Mozilla's "no surprises" policy as the little cartoon doggie clearly begs for all urls. But it's not necessary, and the comfy link to userstyles is obviously just for grabbing your privcate data. Proof ist that there seems to be no way to manually check only for sites you actually would like a style for.

    A lot of users will still use it because it's a well-known name and has been reviewed a lot in the good ol' days. Mozilla has a real problem with addons changing their policy for the worse. Avoid at all costs and use the alternative addon Stylus.
  • Spyware.
  • UPDATE: Do NOT use this extension. After some research into this application and monitoring the traffic it passes, I have come to the conclusion that this app is essentially spyware. It logs an inordinate unneeded amount of personal and identifiable information on your browsing habits and then sends them back to the parent company who based on investigations, is likely selling that data to any willing 3rd party. More so, the companies security of this data is largely in question. So even if they werent selling it, they arent doing much to protect it and as a result, its only a matter of time until its stolen, or we are made aware that its been stolen.

    This extension is nice, but it will randomly just lose all of its settings. I was using the app for a few days in a very controlled development environment and was shocked to find that randomly one day my custom styles were completely gone and the app acted as though i was using a brand new fresh install of the add on. To make matters more insulting, when i reached out to support about it, their answer was entirely unhelpful and their response was along the lines of "it wasn't our fault, we cant help you, not our problem". This is most rude and unfortunately and as a result I will not be using this product any more and would recommend if you have any requirement for even the slightest bit of reliability that you also forgo the use of this horribly made, poorly supported application.