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  • Très utiles mais j'ai un problème : je n'arrête pas de changer dans les réglages pour ne pas afficher le widget reverso, pourtant, à chaque fois que j'ouvre firefox, le réglage se recoche automatiquement ce qui est ennuyant... De plus, serait-il possible d'ouvrir le navigateur sans qu'il n'y ai la page de reverso qui s'ouvre avec? Merci d'avance. A part cela, le module est très bien fais.
  • When double click/highlighting a word no Context button appears (in setting it is well checked).
  • One of best translator also the part I love most is the audio voice
  • Ok bien
  • It is the default Firefox version in Red Hat Linux and in many companies.
  • You've made a very good translator, but I'd like to translate from English, not French, and like many others users.
    Fix please this bug, add automatic language recognize or the default language in settings

  • My native language is Russian and i want to learn English but as mentioned earlier, every time i try to use plugin, setting is switching to French. That's really annoying.
  • La nueva herramienta de Reverso Context proporciona al usuario una mayor facilidad y comodidad a la hora de aprender nuevos idiomas.
    En mi caso, la nueva opción me permite desarrollar con mayor rapidez la tarea que lleve a cabo gracias al simple hecho de subrayar una palabra o una expresión y rápidamente conocer su significado en inglés o francés.
  • Como profesor de idiomas y traductor que soy, debo admitir que la aplicación de Reverso es increíblemente útil tanto para estudiantes de lenguas como para traductores. Poder saber el significado de una palabra sin tener que acceder a la página web de cualquier diccionario electrónico. ¡Bien hecho, Reverso!
  • Muy buena extensión. Perfecta para los que acostumbramos a leer prensa extranjera.
  • This tool is so useful since it allows you to translate a phrase or word only underlining it. As a consequence, it makes you easier learning new lenguages. I use it to translate and to write scientific articles so it helps me in my daily work. It saves you an endless amount of time.
  • Super useful! The extensions gives you not only the word clicked translated but it also translates expressions automatically!
  • ¡Genial extensión!
    Es super útil, sobre todo para aquellos a que siempre estamos leyendo artículos en otros idiomas. Lo recomiendo totalmente.
  • Moim zdaniem aplikacja jest bardzo intuicyjnie stworzona, łatwa w obsłudze i bardzo pomocna, gdyż nie trzeba otwierać dodatkowej zakładki w przeglądarce i wyszukiwać słowa w słowniku online (który też nie zawsze podaje przykłady użycia). Chętnie polecę aplikację innym.
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  • This extension is a must for me since I’m a translator and I have to to search hundreds of words everyday and this tool saves me an enormous amount of time by accessing to the translation of a word or phrase simply selecting it.
  • It really helps me in many cases.
  • !שימושית מאוד, ממליצה
  • Vraiment très pratique. Merci beaucoup !
  • I am a professional translator and, thus, I use Reverso intensively. It would be nice if it worked with Firefox ESR, since I run Firefox on a Debian system.
  • page blanche.
    Le site Reverso est très bien, mais le module ne fonctionne pas.
  • Firefox extension constantly switch translate settings to Rus->French. I DO NOT NEED FRENCH! Only ENG -> RUS and RUS -> ENG sometimes. Please add default language to the settings! This automatic switching is pissing me off!!!
    Dear valued user,
    thank you very much for your report. Your comments are of high value for us. You found the issue in our algorithm for target language determination. We will correct it as soon as possible and issue the new version. It will be updated automatically in your browser.
    Thank you again,
    Reverso Context development team
  • Doesn't work. Blank screen.
    Actually context.reverso.net is a good thing. But it sends tons of private data to third party websites. I miss the days when I only blocked ads :(

    UPD: The problem is solved by full refreshing of FF
    UPD2: The blank screen has shown again. The authorization has been dropped without possibility to restore.
    Dear valued user,
    we are sorry for inconvenience you experienced. It seems that you installed depreciated version, which were displayed in the store by accident. The current version works only in Firefox version 49 or higher. To repair the installation please refresh Firefox by the the button "Refresh Firefox" in "about:support" page. Then reinstall "Reverso Context" again. Hope it works, and could you, please, update your review then. Thank you for understanding and support.