173 notes
  • So useful to hear the word and discover in what contexts it is used by natives!
  • Fonts used in context suggentions look awful, totally unreadable.
  • C'est ma référence. Ne suis jamais déçue. Bravo à Tous ! J'aimerais apprendre à travailler avec vous.
  • Facilidad y contenido completos
  • Расширение удобное, но отдавать ему ВСЕ свои данные на всех сайтах - нужно быть очень смелым человеком.
  • This is a great extension but it will be much more powerful if you add "save history to your computer" function. Another great problem for learners of the English language is the lack of IPA. For many people the availability of IPA is crucial. It could be a good idea to be able to have something like premium account. Many people would gladly purchase it for their desktops. Thank you for your enthusiasm and devotion! Good luck!
    Thank you for your comments! We are constantly working on improving our extension, and your feedback is very valuable.
  • Nice and useful extension. It's pretty easy for usage, works fast
  • I love reverso context and firefox made it work even better. Thanks my dearest Fox.
  • Перевожу субтитры на ютуб, очень доволен. Хотелось бы, чтобы добавили возможность переводить несколько слов или целое предложение. 5 Звезд
  • Reverso offre plusieurs méthodes de traductions, faciles d'emplois, efficaces, qui ne nous laisse pas dans l'ignorance d'un article quelque soit la langue employée ! Félicitations !