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  • The version does not start my downloads automatically, in previous versions when I always downloaded it automatically came out, at this moment I get the one from the firefox browser and not the Downthemall. espero que puedan ayudarme.
    It does start downloads automatically, unless you configured it not to (having used Add paused and then selected to remember this decision). Or you might be expering a bug, in which case I suggest you file an issue here: https://github.com/downthemall/downthemall/issues
  • Is there any way to change the download folder?
    I've tried change most settings but it seem not working.
  • This thing is a shadow of its former self. I can't even figure out how to get it to save files to a specific location (it wants to put everything in the "Downloads" folder, which I never use)! It also can't do the single most useful thing I used the old one for, which was automatic checksumming of downloaded files. Without that it's not even worth the bandwidth.
    Then it's not worth your bandwidth, fine, whatever.
    DownThemAll lacks the features you're after, understood.
    Other people find the other features useful, but not you, OK then.

    We're limited by the WebExtensions API and were upfront about it. That means you can only save into the Downloads folder (or subfolders therein) and you cannot have checksums. If you don't like that, fine, I don't like it either, I hate the WebExtensions API, but it is what is is.

    But all this doesn't mean you have to come here and express your disappointment in the in the meanest way you could muster.
  • OMGOSH! don't you guys EVER LEAVE US AGAIN!!! lol.... donation submitted! ;) .... WELCOME BACK! You've been MISSED
  • So glad having this back! Thank you for all your effort :)
  • I'm glad it's back, but I'm not happy about how limited it is in functionality, now.

    Would it be possible to have the ability to overwrite, skip files and truncate if there was a "native client" to do the filesystem stuff? (Like in External Application Button: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/external-application/)

    Works quite well for the other addon, and I would gladly install it to get more of the original functionality back since no other downloader can quite match DTA!.
  • Heads up, doesn't work in firefox for android.
    When mobile support or is it not even planned (firefox for android | fennec/aurora)?