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Helps download music from Latvian social networking site - draugiem.lv / Draugiem.lv mūziķu kompozīciju vilknis :)

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sztakidict Requires Restart

Online Hungarian<->English dictionary by SZTAKI based on Jaap A. Haitsma's Dictionary Search 0.4
TEST version

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csnavlinks Requires Restart

Couchsurfing continues to make changes to their site without recognizing that they are alienating the community that built the site to what it is. This plugin restores some of the features that they have removed.

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AtheneLive.com Requires Restart

Online Stream Notification - AtheneLive.com Online Now!

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Weijin Extension Requires Restart


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BabelBar Requires Restart

BabelBar, removes the barriers of social media.

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Toggle Development Profile Prefs

Toggles Development Profile Preferences On When Enabled And Off When Disabled.

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Heerme.com Requires Restart

Comment on any site You want with just one click!

Heerme.com is a plugin for Chrome and FireFox that lets You add site-independent comments wherever You want.

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Kanban Tool Requires Restart

Effortlessly manage any project or process with Kanban Tool. Meet enterprise-class online Kanban software for Kanban, Scrum and Scrum teams with seamless time tracking. Easy to use and feature rich solution for task tracking and work management.

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Zand it ! FR Requires Restart

L’extension Zand vous permet d’importer en 1 clic n’importe quel produit repéré sur le web directement dans vos collections Bazando : vous créez ainsi votre mémo shopping et retrouverez toujours vos envies et idées shopping !

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FireFileBlock Requires Restart

Block Some URLs

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Panorama Tab Group Name Requires Restart

Since FF4 Panorama has enabled you to visually organize tabs into groups. See video here: http://mni.su/pp3p09. This extension adds the tab group name to your window title so you know which group you are using. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

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CIMMYT Toolbar

CIMMYT is a non-profit research and training center headquartered in Mexico. You can access to all resources available in our databases.

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Font Inspector

Font Inspector for Firefox

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Password dialog begone Requires Restart

Removes the password notification dialog when you login to a site.

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Xaic Radio

Xaic Ràdio al teu navegador. Escolta en directe 24 hores de música non-stop!

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londinium.com toolbar Requires Restart

Londinium Toolbar for Firefox. Provides quick and easy access to the londinium .com directory of London.

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A Firefox AddOn that play an audible notification when there is a change on a pin tab.
In addition to the visual notification already displayed on tabs, the ding / bell sound make you aware of the status of your tabs even when you are not watching.

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Royal Rates Requires Restart

Лучшие кредитные автоматы в Рунете теперь у вас под рукой – непосредственно в вашем браузере. А это значит, что получить выгодный кредит WebMoney теперь можно практически без усилий.

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Royal Rates Money Requires Restart

Экономьте свое драгоценное время и деньги! Все самые свежие и выгодные курсы обмена электронных валют у вас под рукой — в вашем браузере.

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