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  • C x

  • Boa.

  • good add-ons
    memudahkan saya cepat menyimpan satu halaman / link ke google plus koleksi

  • Seems nice and clear but when using two windows the popup shares the other window link

  • Yes it is very nice apps for me

  • I hear that Google has disabled the ability to separate a Google+ Brand Account from a normal personal account.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but when I'm trying to use this plugin on my website https://superbank.ru I cannot log in as a Google+ Brand Account, only as a personal account.

  • I tried few other plugins but none of them worked consistently - this one does work all the time! It doesn't have any other features (such as sharing on other platforms) but it works for sharing on Google Plus.

  • Like it!

  • Won't let me cycle through share images or delete share image like I can with a manual gplus share, and like the other gplus share plugin used to do.

  • When this plug-in works it is amazing, and incredibly helpful, and FAST. But it seems to disappear for no reason, and sometimes it comes back, and sometimes not.

  • Me parece un gran plugin, aunque hay un pero.
    Yo tengo mi perfil de Google+ personal una página de empresa. Sería muy importante la opción de poder decidir en cual de los perfiles queremos compartir. Creo que es algo muy importante y no he encontrado ninguna extensión que lo haga, estría bien implementarlo en versiones futuras puesto que supongo hay mucha gente que se encuentra en mi caso.
    Gracias por el trabajo y saludos

  • Excellent and very simple to use addon, I have been using it a few days and works wondefully.

    Some features I would like to see in future versions
    - A keyboard shortcut to share the page.
    - The panel should hide (or have an option to) automatically after hitting the Share/Cancel button.

  • A verry good little tool I must say!, good job

  • This does exactly what it says it does, it helps me post interesting articles and pictures to G+. Hassle free! :)

  • Great add-on! good work Adrian

  • I haven't had a chance to know whither I like or not

  • I found this add-on very userful for firefox!

  • I found it a little hard to find where was the option, but when I saw it, well, it is a good place. The only problem is that the option is fixed in French (It would be cool to make it multi language, or at least English). Another suggestion, if it is possible, make the popup windows smaller. It's opening in full height here, and that's too much for something so small. Strangely, it available in the mobile market, but I couldn't find the option there, so maybe it's a mistake?

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. I read your comment some months ago and I decided to make a Google+ Share for Mobile devices and now is in the market. Check this URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/es/android/addon/google-share-android/

  • I tried for 20 minutes to try get this to work (using firefox 17.0) was looking forward to using this but a massive let down so far

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Google+ Share works on Firefox 17. The only feature at the moment is share the current website. For this you press right-button and a new windows opens with the Google+ Share details.