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  • This app really worked for me but the best quality is 360mp4. so far is good to me! date May 13 2019
  • Download Video and Flash - HD Download Good
  • best of the best
  • Awesome..............
  • thank you, work good :)
  • Excellent extension, download videos embedded in various Webs. Very effective and functional.
    Excelente extensión, descarga videos incrustados en diversas Webs. Muy efectiva y funcional.
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  • I LOVE this addon!
    I have never had a problem downloading any vid from youtube.
    Maybe, you can add more sites to download from.
    I can't find any reliable downloader for vimeo, for example...
    I was in panic, when I opened up my firefox a while ago and almost ALL of my addons have been disabled! :O
    I'm grateful to the reviewer who mentioned this and the prompt response of DFVT explaining this issue - I can't lose this addon!! 3> 3> 3>