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  • No longer working in Firefox nightly. Seems to be abandoned.
  • I like this cookie-Manager very much. especially the option to add a site instantly to the white list. Great option.
    But there a few things i have problems:
    1. it lacks an option to integrate all EXISTING cookies to the white list (if i change from another cookie manager very important)
    2. the clean up button should not start imidiately. I deleted all my cookies this way.
    3. i cannot see all the white-listed cookes
    4. where is the option for export/import of white and greylist
    But otherwise very useful addon.
  • I had to make an extra acc. to leave this review.
    Awesome plugin, great ease-of-use!
    Also visit youtube (or bitchute preferrably) for channels like "techlore" and "the hated one".
    They give great tutorials on privacy.
  • Hello,

    I love this extension so much it is part of my regular add-on bunch for security / tracking purposes that I use with Firefox.

    I have a few questions.

    When I change the settings they do not save after I close the browser. So I have to go back in and set the settings again. Is there a way to have the settings be saved at all times?

    Also when I close the browser and then reopen it the Auto Clean-enabled button needs to be activated again. Is there a way to have these enabled all the time also because if it isn't enabled it collects cookies until I realize that it wasn't enabled.

    Thanks again for a really great extension. Thank you to the developers for the next 100 lifetimes!

  • Excellent, jamais vu un gestionnaire de cookie de cette qualité, avant j'avais Cookie monster et je l'adorais, mais il ne fonctionnait plus avec les nouvelles versions de Firefox, je croyais que j'allais le regreter et bien c'est le contraire, j'adore Cookie AutoDelete. En plus, il permet plusieurs onglets contextuels, c'est comme si on avait plusieurs onglets privés de firefox, mais en gardant les cookies configurés tout le temps sans que les autres sites sur les pages normales puissent y acceder... Pour moi c'est TOP
  • Indispensable add-on
  • Muito bom! Agora a quem vendem a nossa pesquisa na Internet? Bom o que é "Grátis" se paga caro, o que se por aqui se diz no meu país! :(
  • This should be on the list of default firefox extensions. not to have an option to selectively whitelist or delete cookies in 2019 is nothing but laziness on the firefox dev team side. Thanks for doing their job Kenny Do.
  • very good
  • Great tool - simply does what it should!
  • Easy to use, and an very easy way to get control of your cookies and understand which ones you really need.
  • This is what i want since years - everywhere. Easy to use, works fine... THANK YOU!
  • I like this extension, but it keeps losing its settings every once in while, forcing me to recreate all my rules.