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  • Simple Thanks! & Five Stars!!
  • This addon must have everyone.
  • Since Youtube switched to html5 it has been impossible for me to watch any video, images were always choppy. This addon is a life savior! Thank you :)
  • Excellent. It works perfectly!
  • I still prefer to watch Youtube Videos in HTML5 but my Ant Downloader doesn't download in MP4 anymore off Youtube for various reasons. So this extension really comes in handy when I want to download any Youtube Video.
  • Unfortunately the default HTML5 player on Youtube offers poor performance on older hardware. It is a lot better with the Flash player. This addon is really working great without eating up ressources.
  • This addon is perfect. But a couple of weeks ago Youtube made some changes, and currently Youtube Flash Player progress bar do not display thumbnail previews when the cursor hovers over it. The thumbnail preview is just completely blank (a black box). Could this be solved via this addon? Thank you very much in advance for the good work.
  • Finally a reason to stay away of the utter garbage formally known as "html5".
  • si tu equipo no es pontete para html5 esto prodas cambiar a adobe flash
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to, even though YouTube and FireFox can't seem to put their heads together and fix the HTML5 player!

    Kudos to Mr. Derin for fixing a widely-used browser when the company that publishes it seems to have no interest in doing so.
  • thanks for good add-on !!!
  • Thank you to the Developer Baris Derin for so quickly updating all of his great extensions including Youtube Flash player which is one of my main extensions. I had an update automatically force me to version 44 of Firefox yesterday and all my extensions stopped working that I love - Facebook Toolbar and others and have always been 5 star and worked great until Firefox made changes. I'm so appreciative of the fast response to getting new versions that work and give this 5 starts and many thanks for the fast and hard work to keep these extensions updated! This is a great YT player and works best for me better than any other one I have found for Firefox and simple to use with HTML player option.
  • what a great extension. I love firefox and i do not want to switch to chrome. google tries their best to steal firefox users.
  • Works well with Palemoon!!!
  • Excelent! :3
  • Trying to make videos on here can someone tell me how to put videos on here
  • Great addon! Only way to get Flash as default on Youtube.

    But what's with the December 31, 1969 date (as the last updated time) after it just updated?
  • Can you (please =) change Youtube Gaming to Flash too?
    Hello Rodrigo,

    We have supported YouTube Gaming for the new version. Enjoy.

    Let us know if you need any other help please.


    Baris Derin
  • it works!! : )
  • The add-on is working well. Thank you!

    It has solved some video playback issues...html5 player vs Flash Player issues at YouTube.

    I appreciate its simplicity...as well as its html5 player / Flash Player choice button.

    Again, thanks, both to Barin and Mozilla.
  • O rezil HTML5'ten kurtuluşun en kısa yolu.
    Eliniz dert görmesin kardeşim.
  • Icoontje er bij met keuze mogelijkheden. Simple en doeltreffened
  • every time i update firefox i know something will not work right. it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. in this case after the upgrade youtube vids would no longer play full screen. i knew it was an html5 problem, but knowing that didn't fix it. this does!!!!
  • Hace lo que dice que hace. Y hay razones para preferir el reproductor flash al video en html5.
  • Good. I can see videos in HD mode without slowing speed.