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  • Плагин перестал корректно работать на FireFox ESR 52.1.1.
    При открытии видео, - звук дублируется, подозреваю, что плагин не останавливает HTML5 проигрыватель, т.е. пользователю отображается Flash проигрыватель со звуком, и, в фоновом режиме идет просмотр видео в HTML5 проигрывателе (который не отображается, но звук от которого слышен в не синхронном режиме со звуком от Flash проигрывателя)
  • 可以
  • Still get the dreaded error message. However, once I refresh, your add-on kicks in and Voila: music! I'm using WindowsXP. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.
  • I really don't know what happened to my sound on YouTube, I did a lot or researching and couldn't get the sound to work on YouTube. Some how HTML5 was the player being use and I could"t find a way to revert to Flash. I'm so glad to find this addon it works great!
  • Thank you for this add-on. I prefer Flash Player for Youtube and this player works great!
  • An earlier version was working great on my legacy Fx 28 (yeah, I know) until last month when it stopped working. Tried a few other addons, but nothing worked. Thought to check back today for an update, and lo and behold, the updated 50.2 works perfect. Great little addon. Does exactly what it says on the box. +1

    UPDATE: Version 50.2 stopped working again, but only for a few hours. Version 50.2.1 fixed everything right up. Thanks Baris. Great job.
  • Simple Thanks! & Five Stars!!
  • This addon must have everyone.
  • Since Youtube switched to html5 it has been impossible for me to watch any video, images were always choppy. This addon is a life savior! Thank you :)
  • Excellent. It works perfectly!
  • I still prefer to watch Youtube Videos in HTML5 but my Ant Downloader doesn't download in MP4 anymore off Youtube for various reasons. So this extension really comes in handy when I want to download any Youtube Video.
  • Unfortunately the default HTML5 player on Youtube offers poor performance on older hardware. It is a lot better with the Flash player. This addon is really working great without eating up ressources.
  • This addon is perfect. But a couple of weeks ago Youtube made some changes, and currently Youtube Flash Player progress bar do not display thumbnail previews when the cursor hovers over it. The thumbnail preview is just completely blank (a black box). Could this be solved via this addon? Thank you very much in advance for the good work.
  • Finally a reason to stay away of the utter garbage formally known as "html5".
  • si tu equipo no es pontete para html5 esto prodas cambiar a adobe flash
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to, even though YouTube and FireFox can't seem to put their heads together and fix the HTML5 player!

    Kudos to Mr. Derin for fixing a widely-used browser when the company that publishes it seems to have no interest in doing so.
  • thanks for good add-on !!!