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  • I totally agree with Des and RAJ, I use this great add-on with two computers (a desktop and a netbook) with Windows XP and a legacy version of Firefox on them. It worked fine until Google changed something in Yotube code once more. I hope you will update it as soon as it's possible, thanks !
  • Damn! I hate when they force me to use something. (youtube html5) I hope this will be fixed soon. I noticed it still works in embed mode. (still using xp, and an older firefox version. )
  • Anonymous user 3367bd wrote:

    "It does nothing. There is zero improvement."

    It was working up until about 3 days ago, when it stopped again. That's because Google/YouTube seem to be maniacally bent on not allowing people with older computers or older operating systems (e.g. Windows XP) to access their video services.

    I've been using 4 versions of this plugin (since v50.0) on my older computer for at least a year.

    YouTube claims that you must upgrade to a newer browser or newer operating system to be able to watch videos. Yet it's perfectly and completely possible for older computers and operating systems to play YT videos just fine. This plugin proves it. But a few days ago, YT altered their code yet AGAIN to make it not work.

    My guess, and it's only a guess, is that like countless other corporations and online entities, they want to force people, if they can, into upgrading to newer hardware and/or software. As to they reasons why they do this, well I'll let you speculate on that.
  • The, excellent, BBC iPlayer is still Flash-based, mate.

    If it's still good enough for the world's largest broadcaster, I'm not sure why a tuppence ha'penny outfit such as YouTube has such a problem with it.

    Oh, well *sighs*. I always found YT to be a fourth-rate waste of my time anyway.
  • I am using firefox 33.0.3 on XP. I can't use it since yesterday. This is a very good addon and this is the only one that works for me to make flash player available on youtube. Hoping update and thank you so very much.
  • Плагин перестал корректно работать на FireFox ESR 52.1.1.
    При открытии видео, - звук дублируется, подозреваю, что плагин не останавливает HTML5 проигрыватель, т.е. пользователю отображается Flash проигрыватель со звуком, и, в фоновом режиме идет просмотр видео в HTML5 проигрывателе (который не отображается, но звук от которого слышен в не синхронном режиме со звуком от Flash проигрывателя)
  • 可以
  • Still get the dreaded error message. However, once I refresh, your add-on kicks in and Voila: music! I'm using WindowsXP. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.
  • I really don't know what happened to my sound on YouTube, I did a lot or researching and couldn't get the sound to work on YouTube. Some how HTML5 was the player being use and I could"t find a way to revert to Flash. I'm so glad to find this addon it works great!
  • Thank you for this add-on. I prefer Flash Player for Youtube and this player works great!
  • An earlier version was working great on my legacy Fx 28 (yeah, I know) until last month when it stopped working. Tried a few other addons, but nothing worked. Thought to check back today for an update, and lo and behold, the updated 50.2 works perfect. Great little addon. Does exactly what it says on the box. +1

    UPDATE: Version 50.2 stopped working again, but only for a few hours. Version 50.2.1 fixed everything right up. Thanks Baris. Great job.
  • Simple Thanks! & Five Stars!!
  • This addon must have everyone.
  • Since Youtube switched to html5 it has been impossible for me to watch any video, images were always choppy. This addon is a life savior! Thank you :)
  • Excellent. It works perfectly!