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  • 想測試看看能不能用手機用東西
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  • I downloaded the Youtube Flash Video Player and was still getting that error message, "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available". Just read to go to Add-ons (type "about:addons" in your web browser address bar.) The choose "Extensions", from the left side menu. On the Youtube Flash Video Player, check options and change that to HTML5. Finally!! All Youtube videos play in my SeaMonkey (Mozilla) browser. Wish somebody had told me about that option choice and fix!
  • While YTFVP is catching up with the latest YouTube Flash blocking in Firefox, if what one wants is working video card hardware enhancements such as sharpening and dynamic contrast to work on YouTube as they were in Firefox, then:

    I find that they work in Internet Explorer 11 in Win 7! It's playing in HTML 5, I think.

    So, I don't know if they will work in Edge or whatever.

    I'll be glad when YTFVP catches up again.

    YouTube can be so amazingly blurry and flat all by itself. I hadn't seen it that way for awhile.

    EDIT: IE is using mp4/AVC instead of the Google VP8 or 9 or whatever that is, that can't be sharpened in Win 7 browsers or by most video cards.
  • Thanks so much, works like a charm!