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  • ***Update***

    I have to reset the options every time I go to YouTube. I need something that will kick in as soon I get there.

    I saw somewhere that YouTube updated its platform. I hate to take away stars because it was perfect when I got it. It's just not keeping YouTube on a leash anymore. :-(

    Exactly what I need! The thing I need most is to stop the video from using my data when the video loads. Thanks so much!

  • ruim

  • Eu não consigo acessar as configurações, ele não mostra essa função, então não há como configurá-lo da maneira que eu quero.

    I can not access the settings, it does not show this function, so there is no way to configure it the way I want it.

  • So glad i found this, turns off auto play next video , and more! nice

  • great app!

  • it can't stop autoplay.
    when i move the addon's icon to overflow menu, i cannot see the right half of the panel and cannot change the options.

  • Not working! :(

  • Usefull when listening to music

  • No more usefull. Many things from legacy version; including Main ability to remove ads, skipping advertisements and annoying texts from videos; is missing in new version. Uninstalled but I will check back time to time to see if missing stuff come back.

  • good & better

  • C x

  • I downloaded this to stop Youtube autoplay from switching itself back on every time I navigated back to Youtube. Quit FF, restarted. Didn't work. Uninstalling in 3, 2, 1...

  • Useless!!!!

  • The only thing missing from this is support for keyboard pause/play buttons.

  • NOt happy, at one time it would stop video autoplay, now is no longer the case in the version I downloaded and used with Firefox 57. This is the MAIN reason i downloaded a controller program, that and to suppress annotations; I don't care about the rest of the shit. Fix the autoplay blocker or stopper or whatever you call it and I'll happily use it again.

  • Great extension

  • My name is Marc. This tool can't stop the autoplay-function of Youtube-Videos at the begining. This function is very important for me. At this moment (22.Nov.2017) all Flash Block - ADD-On's dosen't work with Firefox-Quantum 57.0 64bit under Windows 7 64bit. Please fix it.

  • Not any of essential for me functions (stop auto play, stop auto play next video, hide annotations) DO NOT WORK AT ALL!
    Less important for me function "Suggested playback quality" has a TOO FAT (obvious) BUG: when the Highest Resolution is chosen it plays the least of HDs (???).
    I even have no wish to write to the support because basic functions don't work!
    In comparison to the older (LEGACY) versions it's TRASH!
    For delete!

  • can't see comments at all.

  • Ставьте старую - 0.4.3

  • With this last update, it lost a ton of options, now is useless for me. The main option of buffering video even when it's not playing is what made me install this plug in, now it's gone. Uninstalling it.

  • Пропала половина функционала, хочу на выбор и старую версию, так как не нравится путь, по которому пошли и разработчики браузера и дополнений.
    Почему теперь нельзя отключить эскизы в конце ролика?

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  • Новые открытые в фоне вкладки начинают проигрываться все одновременно, а не начинать кэшировать, стоя на паузе. А дополнение нужно было в первую очередь для этого. Либо я не нашел в настройках соответствующий чекбокс.

  • Это расширение позволяет остановить автовоспроизведение на уродском ютубе.