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  • Does exactly what it's supposed, without a fault - perfect!
  • Perfecta.
  • Kuch nahi chalaa
  • Didn't work.
  • Works perfectly! I can save battery without having to fork out $10/mo. just to utilize a function, while NOT really caring about the other "features" of YouTube-Red
  • เยี่ยม
  • It works great and YouTube playback is not interrupted when you switch to another card 👌🏻

    Działa świetnie i odtwarzanie na YouTube nie jest przerywane po przełączeniu się na inną kartę 👌🏻
  • Got
  • Great add-on just what I wanted huge respect to the people responsible for making it but I have to report an issue. Since I started using new phone a couple days ago YouTube mix playlist won't work when screen is off. I use honor play Android version and Firefox version 68.1.1 add-on version 1.5 . I tried clearing cache from Firefox, clearing data from Firefox then reinstalling add-on, just removing and installing add-on, reinstalling Firefox nothing works. Please help 😢😢😢.
    FYI: while the screen is on everything works fine either when I'm in another tab or in another program.