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  • works and is feature filled. Best text link add on right now.
  • Not working with latest Thunderbird 60.5
  • It's ok, but please can you implement the possibility to load a URI as ?
    And I'd prefer the links are marked as an old extension (Linkification) did. Anyway thanks for your efforts.
  • It's a great addon but since few weeks (probably Firefox 65 beta or even earlier) it's started causing stuttering sound in YT live streams with many comments. From the beginning there was also a problem with sites with many comments (warning on top of the site and browser slowdowns).
  • It works great and is in my list of must-have extensions every time I have to reinstall firefox. My only gripe with it is that it imposes a fairly big performance hit on websites with a lot of text content, especially social media sites. Facebook becomes nearly unusable if you scroll for a few minutes straight. If only there's a way to disable extensions on a site-to-site basis, but AFAIK it's a limitation with Firefox not the extension dev.
  • Problem solved by desactivating this AddOn

    Seems to block "smartcardplugin.msi" to buy and charge my e-ticket card on a USB smart card reader / writter NEOWAVE Linkeo-I
    When a selected Ticket is bought by the button "Acheter" the following screen is empty.
    Once this Addon is desactivated, all works fine and the payment screen becomes available.

    # carte Oura Pass TAG TCL
  • de meaning of life
  • ==Наконец-то! Заработало в Quantum!
    Один из любимых аддонов!==
  • Installed this and got many warning slowdown bar.
  • Very googd
  • 通常であればとても便利なのだけど、Twitterと極めて相性が悪い。この点が改善されたら高評価になるかな。
  • Installation of this addon results in heavy Firefox slowdown.
    I had to disable it.