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  • It works great and is in my list of must-have extensions every time I have to reinstall firefox. My only gripe with it is that it imposes a fairly big performance hit on websites with a lot of text content, especially social media sites. Facebook becomes nearly unusable if you scroll for a few minutes straight. If only there's a way to disable extensions on a site-to-site basis, but AFAIK it's a limitation with Firefox not the extension dev.
  • Problem solved by desactivating this AddOn

    Seems to block "smartcardplugin.msi" to buy and charge my e-ticket card on a USB smart card reader / writter NEOWAVE Linkeo-I
    When a selected Ticket is bought by the button "Acheter" the following screen is empty.
    Once this Addon is desactivated, all works fine and the payment screen becomes available.

    # carte Oura Pass TAG TCL
  • de meaning of life
  • Наконец-то! Заработало в Quantum!
    Один из любимых аддонов!
  • Installed this and got many warning slowdown bar.
  • Very googd
  • 通常であればとても便利なのだけど、Twitterと極めて相性が悪い。この点が改善されたら高評価になるかな。
  • Installation of this addon results in heavy Firefox slowdown.
    I had to disable it.
  • This add-on was essential before FFv57 and I was waiting for it (and some others) before I updated to the latest FF. But I had to deactivate Text Link because it slows down Firefox when there is more than just a little bit of text on the current website. :(
  • Problems when reading a Twitter feed
  • I tried this addon, but had to remove it as it caused CHOPPY SCROLLING on lots of pages, especially Google, not every search but on many.
  • TwitterのサイトでHomeとEndキー操作が非常に重くなる。スクリプトの警告も出る。
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  • Finally a link extension by a clever person. Handle so many situations well (when too much is selected, with multiple links as well, double click will still correctly open 1st valid link; double click will work even when active URL link with hidden redirect bs link is presented by pointing mouse just before the link; etc). It also acts like multiple links parser. Perfect.
    The only downside is it _often_ forgets about the renewed content on the page, and disappears from right click menu or offers old links that are no longer on the page. That's something to look at.
  • Great addon, One function in the mood of GTD, would be to have a contextual menu item "Paste as link" or a shortcut CTRL-Paste function when aURI is detected as the current clipboard string.
    I copy paste so many links each day that this function would save so much time.
  • Not working even though I'm in FF 58. What to do? Please help.
  • ほぼtwitterだけで「このアドオンで重くなってる」表示が出がちなので、特定URLを除外できる仕組みの実装をお願いしたいです。
  • Can you support this kind of text link:
  • Twitter等を長めに下までスクロールした状態で、キーボードの↑↓、UpgeUp、PageDownキーでスクロールを行うと、「テキストリンク内のスクリプトがFirefoxの動作を遅くしています」を表示され非常に重くなります。Firefox 57.0.3 Win7 64bit
  • works well
  • ドラッグ&ドロップで検索すぐできるの便利です
  • This is the best Linkification replacement.
  • Doesn't work with 52.5.2 ESR.
  • 頻繁にテキストリンク内のスクリプトがFirefoxの動作を遅くしていますと出てしまい、ブラウザの非常に動作が遅くなる。Firefox57(Win10Home 1703 64bit)
  • It works as promised. I'm using Firefox Quantum 57.0 (32-Bit) running under Lubuntu 16.04 LTS (32-Bit). Thanks a lot for this useful extension!