3,300 reviews
  • Only for "select, elite" countries. Doesnt work for countries WHERE YOU ACTUALLY NEED VPN. Dont waste your time with this.
  • Be careful, this is not a zero log vpn, they will report you and share your log when the agencies ask.
  • It's good dudes. Just go for it.
  • Doens't work, it's useless. Opera rulez!
  • Setupvpn is not working, , cannot access it, it worked fine for a few months, now just a nice series of swirling lines.
  • 简单可用, 速度也还行
  • Not working in nightly since version 71. Even contacted the developers, not interested in solving
  • does not work, tries to get you to DL and install 3rd party software
  • 流畅可用