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  • Selenium IDE 3 finally arrived!
    I wrote a Selenium IDE 3 Reference Guide, as I am Selenium and Selenium IDE lover! I continuously improve this book, release by release, I try to insert live examples etc. to help Selenium IDE 3 and Selenese 3 usage. Thank you for everybody, who started implementing Selenium IDE 3, which really works by now - OK, features still missing like export to java format (or I just do not know how to do it -, but it is amazing that Selenium IDE for FF Quantum and Chrome is working finally
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  • It breaks office online. I am not sure in which side the issue is, but enabling this addon breaks office online.
    Thanks for the feedback! Please consider filing an issue here: https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/issues
  • Event basic functions do not work in the new version.
    Hey Vitaliy, can you please be more specific? This is an open source project and feedback from our users is how we can continue to make the tool better. Please consider filing an issue here so we can look at your problem: https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/issues
  • I have a script which we already used for 4 years. With the current update it is no longer working due to illegal URL in open command. Also it is very slow and keeps on crushing.
    Sounds like a bug. If you file an issue we can take a look: https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/issues
  • how to play same test multiple time. there is no Loop play available
    Hey Amit, we have control flow commands. We have while and times commands for looping. You need to add them manually. Once you do, you can see details about them in the reference tab.
  • After downloading the extension, how to start it? Dam it? I can see its available under Add-Ons. But the how to START it??? I dont see that in the upper (right side) toolbar either !! Frustrating
    If you don't see the extension listed in your menu bar you might need to customize your toolbar in Firefox. To do that right-click next to the address bar and select "Customize". Once in the customization menu, drag the Selenium IDE icon to the menu bar, then click "Done".
  • Sehr starkes Add.on, welches ich für meine Arbeit nutze. Gibt nichts auszusetzen :)
  • best testing tool
  • Could u kindly tell me when will new version is ready? I love this tool but I really need the function "export to python/java"
    Code export is a high priority for us. We'll be starting work on it soon.
  • Love the polished UI, works perfect for recording and replaying
  • Total disappointment...The following are missing
    * No extension to user's javascript
    * No export to C# or another code
    * Not right click on webpage to add Selenium command
    * Not compatible to old Selenium script
    Extensions are available they'll have to be ported to the new format https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/wiki/Getting-Started-with-Plugins.
    We do not have code export at the moment but are working on https://www.npmjs.com/package/selenium-side-runner.
    Right click definitely works! make sure you are recording prior to using it.
    And we are backwards compatible, just load the old scripts up.
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  • Still buggy, but i'd love to help fixing them
  • useful autotesting tool
  • qqqqqq
  • nothings
  • i can'd find export to webdriver/python3 button
  • good
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  • 我的火狐版本是60的,selenium是3.1.0,是不支持录制的脚本导出么?是不是只能安装低版本的火狐浏览器?
  • Merci d'avoir porté Selenium sur la nouvelle version de Firefox.
    Ce n'est pas encore parfait, mais ça permet de faire à minima le job.
  • regfer
  • More fluid but where is the saving and import option. In what format it should save?
  • The process of using more fluid.