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  • I am not able to export my test cases in firefox browser,

  • Merci d'avoir porté Selenium sur la nouvelle version de Firefox.
    Ce n'est pas encore parfait, mais ça permet de faire à minima le job.

  • regfer

  • More fluid but where is the saving and import option. In what format it should save?

  • The process of using more fluid.

  • great

  • 123

  • https://kala.ir

  • IDE is not working on CENTOS firefox version 52

  • Where is export option? Where is the menu bar?

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  • Selenium IDE v3.0.2.0 on Firefox 60 / Windows 10
    Import/conversion of old tests and suites does not work.
    Editing .side with a text editor is a real pain.
    Very buggy overall.

    Thanks developers for your hard work, but it seems I'm going to stick with v2.9.1 on my Firefox ESR v52 portable a bit longer...

  • 还不错

  • very good!

  • very good,but...why lack of export function,like version 2.9.1,export test case as.....

  • Very succint and clear

  • good

  • 以前的一些功能如option,comment不见了。使用起来不方便。也没有发布官方的使用教程,差评

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  • Firefox version 59.0.2 installed on Windows 10 pc. Selenium ide version 3.0.1

    Able to record user actions and save project with test script. But on replaying the script, the ide window goes blank and firefox window displays a message "moz-extension://7a9b47b2-f156-4597-a974-ca81cafd892b/assets/bootstrap.html" in the address bar and "Preparing to run your test" on the browser page and it stays like this forever.

    On a side note, the plugin for chrome seems to be working so far :)

  • When I start a selenium test suite using a .side file, the UI disappears and goes blank. The tests still run, but the extension window has no visible content, and when it finishes, I can't see the test results. Using Firefox 59/60

  • Finally Back!

  • I'm not able to use existing test suite created by earlier version of Selenium IDE, also I didn't find any options for using user-extensions.js
    One would expect the newer version to have more features and allow some level of compatibility for existing scripts. The real users of Selenium IDE doesn't just record and playback, we create our own custom javascript methods making it more dynamic. I'm not sure if this new version of Selenium IDE is for existing user..or just to get new users to start using this add on. It's a sad day :((

  • Helping and easy use

  • It worst, think new versions of selenium IDE and firebug not working. im unable to record anything in IDE. and firebug is also not responding. please fix the IDE issue.