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  • 使用if命令配合verifyElementPresent命令判断HTML元素是否存在,在文档中没有例子。if命令只告诉我使用js表达式。但是使用js那verify类的命令和assert类的命令到底有什么用呢?

    Use the if command with the verifyElementPresent command to determine if an HTML element exists. There are no examples in the documentation. The if command only tells me to use js expressions. But what is the use of the js that verify class command and the assert class command?

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  • Could u kindly tell me when will new version is ready? I love this tool but I really need the function "export to python/java"
  • Love the polished UI, works perfect for recording and replaying
  • Total disappointment...The following are missing
    * No extension to user's javascript
    * No export to C# or another code
    * Not right click on webpage to add Selenium command
    * Not compatible to old Selenium script

    Developer response

    Extensions are available they'll have to be ported to the new format https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/wiki/Getting-Started-with-Plugins.
    We do not have code export at the moment but are working on https://www.npmjs.com/package/selenium-side-runner.
    Right click definitely works! make sure you are recording prior to using it.
    And we are backwards compatible, just load the old scripts up.
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  • Still buggy, but i'd love to help fixing them
  • useful autotesting tool
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  • i can'd find export to webdriver/python3 button
  • good
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  • 我的火狐版本是60的,selenium是3.1.0,是不支持录制的脚本导出么?是不是只能安装低版本的火狐浏览器?
  • Merci d'avoir porté Selenium sur la nouvelle version de Firefox.
    Ce n'est pas encore parfait, mais ça permet de faire à minima le job.
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  • More fluid but where is the saving and import option. In what format it should save?
  • The process of using more fluid.
  • great
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  • https://kala.ir
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  • Selenium IDE v3.0.2.0 on Firefox 60 / Windows 10
    Import/conversion of old tests and suites does not work.
    Editing .side with a text editor is a real pain.
    Very buggy overall.

    Thanks developers for your hard work, but it seems I'm going to stick with v2.9.1 on my Firefox ESR v52 portable a bit longer...
  • 还不错
  • very good!
  • very good,but...why lack of export function,like version 2.9.1,export test case as.....