76 reviews
  • One of the best add-on i have sent before Awesome...
  • Honest reliable and trusted...etc.
  • Photos are awesome but how about add-remove the dials and pin them.When I clean the cache all dials resets and I hate that.Picking the colur of dials would be great.
  • Best I had
  • Who in this world would like to use YAHOO as search engine?

    YAHOO close now and stop spaming us. I always have yahoo as my web browser because you bastards instal it at my back when I am trying to instal other software.
  • Very few customization options.
  • It has superfast search and i just love the beatiful pictures and the recent search history are really useful!!
  • Why not just a search engine, Yahoo!?
    Much too much, just need a search Yahoo!.
  • Good :)
  • There is no settings button to add or delete bookmarks, and the new window opens up invisibly on the bottom task bar. Also, every time a new linc opens it open a new hidden page, oh!,, not with the link, just a new blank page. I dont like it, I would like the option of not opening a new tab and the ability to add or delete bookmarks.
  • I like the new feature to add my own websites to the sites on the bottom. I was hoping for something like that!
  • Who was the nitwit that took away the old Yahoo toolbar? You stupid assholes!!! Give me back the old Yahoo toolbar where I can add buttons and customize it the way I want or I will terminate my Firefox and go back to IE. You people have got to be the most stupid idiots I've ever seen.
  • Thank you Yahoo! Now I have my entire family (wife, kids, parents, mother-in-law, etc..) asking my to help them out with the new toolbar. Which I can't because you just can't do anything to it.
  • This new "toolbar" SUCKS!!! It was better with the old setup!
  • Avoid this at all costs, it does away with all the useful features the previous version had
  • This new toolbar is worthless. It did away with everything that I found helpful about the previous version. I got rid of it. I don't care about some picture. I want something useful. Not being able to put links on it to pages I like was my breaking point. I want something I can "Personalize" myself. Not have what you want me to have.
  • this is horrible update, not even an update, you took away the best about the toolbar, that was the only reason I kept using Yahoo, so Yahoo no more!
  • Fantastic, watching random pictures (on new tab) while browsing or developing web pages is just so relaxing. I really dislike 'Dial Box' (new panel space), which started in old epoch Opera (12 and bellow) and other browsers take it.
  • Horrible toolbar, I loved the last one before this update, it was simple and easy to navigate thru all my favorites websites, in this one you can't add buttons, if you want to open a link instead of open a new tab, opens a new window and also blocks the add-on and options buttons.
  • I hate it. It has put buttons on I don't like and it won't let me change them. In fact there is no button to go and choose the buttons I do like
  • Great images! Love my new tab. Great buttons with my recent search history on bottom of screen as well.
  • I'd like more module showing information near my location, such like weather, air pollution and news.
  • nice