76 reviews
  • Two words: Turd Nasal
  • This fucking thing always on top of every add-ons search results.
  • Shitty "fresh look to every new tat page"... back to Bing search engine.
  • old yahoo page is better
  • 1 star for fuck auto startup search engine
  • C x
  • Awesome , works smoothly just what i was looking for to quickly get to google , youtube and yahoo etc.
  • Installs but doesnt work! What can i do? FF57
  • It shows new pic every time that`s what i wanted so, 5 stars. recommended
  • i liked my old firefox i don}t lije this.
  • Still more Deceptive, Defective, Dysfunctional, Maladaptive, Adware-Bloated Garbage from the Narrow-minded Gay Bigots of Yahoo!??

    I'm baffled as to WHY these sucking parasites have not been driven underground or, better yet, EXTIRPATED from the software market.
  • I'm on a laptop so once you understand not to let your mouse wander or scroll down what searches they recommend that pop up, it works great. Push on the search bar and then move the mouse away from the cursor and it won't replace your search. Before it kept replacing what I was trying type or adding on for the search and was so frustrating. Took me a while to understand that. Probably different on a phone.
  • I love it's a great day for the inspiration to be able and to make sure that the informed by the next
  • This addon is installing itself as malware on my computer. Even my virus software can't remove all locations - so it comes back every time I close my browser. Very annoying. And creepy, as Yahoo design it to be unremovable.