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  • Excellent.

  • Hello.
    The software is excellent. Protects your privacy. But i want to ask something regarding how to use it. what does the green , red and cookie slider mean. privacy badger shows that some are green and mostly are cookie something. Should red means that it will block it and do i need to block it because by default it is center slided. i hope you answers my question

    Developer response

    Hello! Please see https://www.eff.org/privacybadger#faq-What-do-the-red,-yellow-and-green-sliders-in-the-Privacy-Badger-menu-mean? for the answer. (You may have to manually copy and paste the entire URL including the question mark, not sure it will get turned into a link properly.)

    Generally speaking, I wouldn't worry about the sliders and just let Privacy Badger learn what to block on its own. When Privacy Badger breaks a page, just click on the Disable Privacy Badger for This Site button in the popup.

    To get help with Privacy Badger in the future, please visit our GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadger/issues, or email extension-devs@eff.org.

  • Safe browsing with adons

  • Preciso e non permette intrusioni

  • grande efficacité

  • EFF is without a doubt the best source for internet privacy information and tools.
    Protecting and Respecting your privacy is the bonus.

  • Nice! I have some alert at console but is good add-on

  • well done, thank you!

  • I have had this extension for nearly six months, and it does its job with no hassle/extra lagging. Thank you!

  • EFF.org Rocks!

  • Very Good and Does a good Job

  • Good

  • love it

  • Hands off approach to privacy is good. Doesn't live off user data like other add-ons which is also a good.

    I find it misses a lot of known trackers, which use other means to track the user, instead of cookies and Google Analytics bypasses this add-on with flying colors.

    Developer response

    Hello! We are working on making Privacy Badger detect more kinds of tracking. Please subscribe to https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadger/issues/367 for updates regarding Google Analytics.

  • It improves privacy by blocking third party trackers and cookies. It also doesn't get in the way because it whitelists domains that promise not to track you and can also partially block something to keep it functional.

    It's also developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  • very good

  • Great add-on

  • Excellent app add on for Firefox!!!

  • semplicità

  • Nice

  • Never use a browser without it.

  • Great

  • Works well for me. Thanks. :)