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  • VERY GOOD, The BEST "SAVE AS PDF" TOOLS. You can choose any part of webpage to print(save). Avoid the ugly ads.
  • Very useful add-on.
  • Ce module est très utile pour imprimer des pages web sans le superflu (boutons, pub...).
    Je n'ai pas trouvé le moyen d'adapter le texte de sortie au format A4, les marges restent trop grandes.
  • It was very good. But it didn't work for Firefox 66.0.3
  • This extension would be quite nice, IFF the page content wouldn't near-always print over the page header and footers.

    Now the extensions seems to offer 2 methods to combat above behaviour, both of which fail to work for me:

    Simplify seems to honor these settings, but deletes a bit too much for many pages.

    Using the Options page in the tools submenu seems to offer the option to set content margins, but is ignored. Even unsetting headers/footers does still print headers and footers, even if firefox is restarted between save and print attempt.

    Example page for rendering: e.g.

    Note that the pre-quantum print-edit was an excellent add-on for most of the (saner) web pages.
  • Print Edit WE used to be a good extension, but is getting worse all the time. Pages I used to be able to edit now say Print Edit can't be used with this page. If I am able to edit a page the way I want, when I go to preview it, a multi-page document will show the first page, then a single blank page. Just wasted 20 minutes editing the page the way I want. It's gotten to where this only works properly about 1 out of 10 times. I end up going to Opera and using PrintLiminator, which does not have the editing features of Print Edit WE, but at least I get the whole document. I'm using the latest version of FF and of Print Edit WE.


    Received the below reply from the developer. The Fix Page Breaks button has resolved the problems printing multi-page documents in Firefox and the other info allowed me to add Print Edit WE to Opera, which I was not aware I could do. We're back to a 5 star extension.
    A few users were experiencing a problem when clicking on the Print Edit WE toolbar button. On some pages, the first button click failed with the message "Cannot be used with this page" or "Cannot load content script". This problem is fixed in Print Edit WE 24.0.

    Firefox has always had a problem when previewing or printing pages with long (multi-page) content sections with block, table of flex styling - which results in only the first page or first few pages being previewed or printed.

    There is a workaround built into Print Edit WE that usually fixes this problem. On the Print Edit WE toolbar, click on the 'Tools' button and select 'Fix Page Breaks'. Thereafter, the page should preview and print correctly.

    Print Edit WE is available on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi. To install on Opera, you first need to install the "Install Chrome Extensions" add-on from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Buttons with submenus suddenly stopped working :(
  • I use this Add-On now for quite some time and it is one of the most practical and highly useful Add-Ons for Firefox. It allows to modify websites and especially delete the advert garbage of websites before printing or storing them as PDF. Thanks a lot!
  • state-of-the-art printing.
  • Thanks for this. Very sophisticated, however, I'm looking to print the images of videos on a web psge as pdf or directly to my printer. It seems that FF does not support this (Edge and Chrome do). When I print preview a web page with a video playing all I get is a blank or black box where the video should be. I was hoping your addon would allow this, but I think this a an underlying flaw in FF by design. Please advise. Thx again.

    (I have reset my pc, installing FF from scratch)
    There are some pages where the embedded videos are not displayed in Firefox's print preview. The same thing happens in Chrome, but perhaps with different pages or not as frequently. Please can you provide a few links to pages where this happens to allow investigation of the specific problems you are experiencing.
  • Solved all my printing problems like incomplete page/text/image or page totally not shown or something else shown... This is the real solution to all printing problems, because it makes printing exact look of page possible. The problem everybody was complaining about. Tested on wikihow ("web styles" option) fixes images not showing, forums.mydigitallife.net and ghacks.net (tools-fix page breaks) fixed incomplete text or image or post showing. I am satisfied! Maybe best used in combination with adblockers which allow permanent element and network elements blocking for mass printing. Can't believe such tool exists! Now it is possible to print anything!