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  • excellent
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  • Um pouco complexa, mas ainda não é a melhor para impressão em PDF.
  • Used to be easier to use and do better job before update.
    Are you referring to the latest update of Print Edit WE (Version 21.3) - or to the update from the legacy Print Edit to Print Edit WE?
  • Works very well.
  • Unbelievable! It perfectly meets all my need. I spent a lot of time searching for a solution to save webpage as PDF. Most of other tools make PDFs become hard to read. This tool not only keep webpage layout but also have ability to customize how the content is displayed. Especially it's FREE. It should be SIX STARS :D.

    Thank you!
  • Great ! Easy to use . It´s a must-have . I need it many times .
  • Would you please add printing swf flash to pdf, like how "Save page WE" does for Html?
    Also, in the Print Edit WE there is no place to allow saving mixed passive content.
  • Inspired to write first review here because I love this so much. Spent the entire day trying to find an extension that allowed me to format my web to pdf printing to be readable for my tablet. This was the only one that gave me all the options I wanted - background colors, images, eliminate headers, footers, etc, shrink to the size that I wanted.

    There is a tiny bit of room for improvement in documentation so people know how to use it better (chronic problem with techies speaking to laypeople like me) and maybe making more presets for people (since I'm thinking this is why a lot of people are looking for apps like yours).

    I wish Calibri would convert the finished product to epubs successfully, but this did such a nice job resizing everything that I don't even need the epub formatting.

    Thank you, and good job!
  • Im sad to say that this addon should be fantastic, and it is ESSENTIAL given FF pathetic print function, but the UI and information is so clunky and badly designed that it's vitually unusable. Periodically I go back, spend half a day trying to print ONE page, and give up. Other devs have an issues page on gitlab or wherever linked from the add-on page, and end up quickly with user friendly, bug-free apps. I would strongly suggest this, DW-dev. The issues are too many to go into in a review page and I'm not interested in spending more hours repeating what no doubt hundreds of other frustrated users have emailed to you, (although I have screenshotted them all and WOULD be happy to put in an issues page, if they are not already there. You would save yourself a lot of time reading emails, as well).

    Just a couple of examples of primary school level issues:

    1. your tool bar and dialogs should size to window, not to zoom so you cant see them if your window is not maximised or you are zoomed out viewing a large selection.
    2. Available formatting should be in a sidebar with existing formatting and adjustment tools displayed side by side, not covering the selection you are trying to format, and have to close dialog to see either of the other 2.
    3. Lables like "float", "clear", "block layout" need context menu instructions and explanations of what the options are supposed to do.
    4. After spending hours trying and comparing each setting, you've got it right, then preview-its a total disaster and no idea how to fix it. Top element just isnt here. Next element repeats on 3 pages, page 1 and 3 otherwise blank. Zoom to fit - doesn't fit. Header and footer outside printer area, bleeding off the edges (no adjustment option). How about edit in a PREVIEW view.
    5. Oh, and cursor selection is complete malfunction. Selects an area totally unrelated to where you have dragged your cursor. (Same issue noted in Web Paint.)

    Back to Fireshot and greenshot.
    Print Edit & Print Edit WE have around 125,000 users, so they probably are usable.
    Currently receive about 5 email support requests a month, with very few requiring changes.

    1. Print Edit WE is designed to work with 100% zoom and sets 100% zoom on entry.
    2. The Inspect, Format, Text and Help panels can all be moved so that they don't obscure the current selection. There could be benefit in being able to use the Inspect panel while the Format panel is open. This is worth further investigation.
    3. The Properties in the Format panel are designed for experienced users who have some knowledge of CSS. The Quick Styles in the Format Panel are designed for less experienced users.
    4. Editing in preview view is not possible for a WebExtensions add-on.
    5. Use 100% zoom.

    Please email any response to: dw-dev@gmx.com
  • The installation page tells me persistently: "This add-on requires a newer version of Firefox (at least version 55.0). You are using Firefox 47.0." but I already have version 61
    Do you have Firefox 47.0 running in the background when you start Firefox 61.0?

    If not, then it is very likely that your Firefox profile has become corrupted. Creating a new Firefox profile should resolve this problem.
  • Buena, solo le falta poder exportar a pdf como la versión nativa.
  • Very useful, does exactly what it needs to do, pretty easy and fun to use!
  • This is fantastic. For a while this has been my goto printing method.

    I discovered finally the "text" button that allows me to add some spacing to tweak pagination. It would be helpful to be able to edit interactively more easily, and from the preview; that being said, this is a very, very nice addition to firefox.
  • I can choose only elements on webpage to be printed with this extension, very effective extension!
  • There is a problem that when I print a page with {@media print} style, Print Edit WE edits the {@media screen} style but prints the {@media print} style. It's expected to have an option to choose wheter the plugin will print the edited {@media screen} style or {@media print} style, or to directly edit the {@media print} style.
    Anyway thanks for your excellent plugin.
  • function to delete the unmarked rest while editing is broken at some sites like this: http://bit.ly/2ruRVY0, it used to work. ff 59 x64. besides a usefull addon. thanx
  • 太有用了,打印效果完美!
  • I used to use the old version before Firefox 57 and it worked great but now that I upgraded to Firefox Quantum I had to change to this version (Print Edit "WE") and wow what a mess. It hardly ever works. Either a blank page, a page with a spinning wheel, or minutes later a popup will appear. Just to print preview!!!! This is ridiculous! It's faster just to preview in a PDF now! - Note that I am on a Mac with Firefox 58 - after reading some other reviews from people on the same, it sounds like I am not the only one with this issue. Hopefully this can be fixed soon!
    A few users have reported this problem, when using Mac OS X Sierra 10.12, but Mozilla have been unable to reproduce it. Usually, the first preview appears after 60 seconds, and after that subsequent previews appear immediately.
  • This extension is awesome!
  • The new version of this add on is much too complicated. There is no way to quickly toggle back and forth between print preview and edit mode.

    And sadly, it may be the way that web design is going that keeps the extension as complicated as it is. It should be much easier to keep the unique printable content -- in other words the "article" on a news page or blog, and ditch the rest.
  • Works perfectly - lots of control over elements.
  • I have not used it yet I will make a report as soon as i have tried it!!.
  • Far less reliable than the old printedit. Try it on CreditKarma.ca for instance.
    'Delete except' does work now, but you have to make the right selection on the sub-menu.
    Even on simple print jobs there's a tendency to loose the info on the second page.
    Losing the information on the second and subsequent pages is a long-standing bug in Firefox, not a bug in Print Edit WE. Try File > Print Preview without Print Edit installed.