438 reviews
  • Love it, Jazakallah khairan katsiran. Peace be with you. Thank you.
  • Grate Addon, i was looking for it working with 57+
  • Best App... Accurate time and good notifications
  • Version 2.0.3. works great with 57. Firefox. Respects to author, very quick updates and responses, jazakallah khair!
  • pls fix the Adhan sound notification bug becouse it is not work !

    it will be very useful :)
    I will try to add sound feature to the next version.
  • Salam-o-Alaikum
    Thank you for updating this add-on for FF 57.
    Location is only saved for the session.

    Please use our Support Site/Email to send your bug report.
  • Thank you so much for make this extension supported for firefox 57+
  • Thank you for the update <3

    I was planning on switching to chrome bec i cant stand missing prayers.

    Jazkallah for your kind and hardwork devs!
    You are welcome!
  • ممتاز جدا ياريت لو تضيف شكل جميل للجدول ويكون مواعيد الصلاه بعيده عن بعض شوية
    ولو كمان تضيف جدول شهرى
    A monthly timetable will be added to next version.
  • great but update to work with ff57
  • Sangat bagus
  • Maaşaallah.
    1. Çoklu dil desteği lütfen. (Multilingual)
    2. Türkiye için Diyanet hesaplaması.
  • باختصار إنه يعمل فقط
    It just work
    انه الأفضل بين جميع الإضافات والتطبيقات التي جربتها في حياتي
    It is the best among all the add-ons and applications that I tried in my life
  • Great tool for the remembrance of the Almighty. I absolutely love it.
  • Works perfectly
  • والله نحن نفخر بك وبأمثالك