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  • very useful
  • Jazakallahumma khaira...
  • جزيت خيرا ونفخر بشاب مسلم مثلك استمر والله يرعاك
  • Thank you for such a useful add-on. Please update this add-on for the latest versions of Firefox, especially the mobile version. Thank you, once again.
  • جزاك الله خيرا
    وجعله الله في ميزان حسناتك وأسكنك الله الفردوس الأعلى مع الصادق الأمين
    -- ساعدتنى كثيرا في إدراك الصلوات
  • سلام
    عالی بود برادر
  • جزاك الله خير
  • 私は、イスラム教徒ではありません。
    しかし、以前に中東やイスラム教徒が居住する地域を旅行した際に、耳にした “あのえも言われぬ美しい「アザーン」” が今でも懐かしくてたまりません。


    ①多言語化は成されてなく、英語での対話式設定になる(default のままでも支障はありません)が、難解な項目はないので、試行しながら楽しめます。
    ②「General>Location」で居住地を設定するが、入力書式は万国語に対応(入力後に、右隣の「Edit Location...」をクリック)する。驚いたことに、countryside(田舎町)の指定でも対応してしまいます。
  • I have been using this for a couple of years now and have had no issues with FF in on win 7 and 8.
    Jazak Allah Khair for this addon.
  • Great addon, thanks for it!

    Keep up the good work brothers, Salam.
  • جزاك الله خير .. فكرة جيدة
  • بارك الله فيك
    5 stars
  • Allah Razi olsun :)
  • thank you
  • Yes please update to FF29, it is a great addon mashallah.

    Edit: Reply to dev reply: Thanks for the reply I got it working with that way now! :) Would be even nicer 6 stars if you can make it fit elegantly with Australis theme. :) Also if I get addon bar restored addon and put it in the url bar it doesnt work. There was a bug discussed about Pray Times here: https://github.com/Quicksaver/The-Puzzle-Piece/issues/27

    Also restartless would be like a 7th star haha
    The add-on already works with FF29. To see the icon on the navigation bar, open Pray Times "Options" (from Add-ons menu), then select "Advanced" Tab, and then tick "Navigation bar".

    Alternatively, you can right-click on the navigation bar and select Customize to add Pray-Times icon to the navigation bar (on top).
  • Do you have any plans to redesign Pray Times to keep up with the elimination of the statusbar in FF29 - Australis?

  • Great thanks
  • I think its too bad that needs FlashPlayer to play sounds.
  • so good
  • Very good addon.
  • Such a useful addon from a fellow Iranan .
    زنده باشی هموطن
  • بارك الله فيك , اتمنى تطويره باستمرار
  • بارك الله فيك

    رائع ...
  • بارك الله فيك
  • NICE