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  • Error: "Adresse nicht erkannt" (URL: openwithgc://?exe=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe&pat=aut&file=http://.....)
    This addon has no settings or any helping manuals so it's unusable. Fortunately there are some working alternative AddOns.
  • this add-on asks for additional software which is malware/adware
  • its a virus. don't install. its nonsense that you need this additional software, as it another add-on works perfectly.
  • I would have rated this at 5 stars, if it hadn't stopped working at around version 53. Now it's useless and I continually get a message that "The address wasn't understood". Open with Internet Explorer stopped working at the same time.
  • Latest version (62.0) does NOT work with FF56. I reverted to v49 of the addon and this works perfectly. Same with Open with IE by teh same author... new version does NOT work but the v49 works great.
  • GC.Communicator.exe is blocked as generic adware by Bitdefender AV. Until it can be installed cleanly, I'm not going to use it.
  • The GC file: Communicator.exe contains an adware.
  • D
  • Great extension, but current version (62) does not work with Waterfox 55.2.2. Rolled back to 49, works perfectly now.
  • Nice
  • GC.Communicator.exe

    I ran this as required by 'Open With Google Chrome' and it completely messed up Firefox, all my addons were gone, all my customisations were gone, years of personalization gone.

    I don't remember this needing an extra program to work. In my case I had to run system restore to get Firefox back the way it should be.

    I couldn't find what GC.Communicator.exe installed either with standard uninstall or IOBit Uninstaller. Since all my addons were missing, I couldn't use the addon itself to uninstall it either.

    This is a dangerous mess.
  • Used this for a few yrs until Right click menu disappeared. Installed addon called "Open in Google Chrome Browser" by developer Andy Portmen and all is well again
  • Context menu item will be available after set checkbox called *Enable Open With Google Chrome context menu for links* on project site at http://barisderin.com/extension/openwithgc/options.html
    but the backend command not work correctly on Firefox v56 on Windows.

    Could you please send us your operating system, Firefox version and add-on version details to our support email address please so that we can look into problem more thoroughly? If possible, please send us a screenshot of your issue.


    Best Regards,

    Baris Derin
  • very goods
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