197 reviews
  • Love Doing Swagbucks just have to get better at it..
  • No funciona
  • It doesn't work.
  • C x
  • Cant believe it !!!
    The only "Open with" extension listed now and it has VIRUS !!!

    fucking cant believe it
  • It doesn't work. The communicator wont install.
  • Tries to get you to download an extra file that my antivirus identified as having trojans in it
  • Malware
  • Useless waste of time
  • Read the comments below!
  • Doesn't work with latest ffox on OSX. Links to forbidden/broken website for GC communicator (what ever that is) DL.
  • trojan and malware, do not install
    it asks for another program in order to run, antivirus rteccts it as a Trojan Virus.
  • Fordert nach installation zum Download einer Datei auf die laut Avira eine Adware Virus enthält Äußerste Vorsicht!!!!!!!!!
  • It doesnt work, requires installing other non verified software. It is not customizable, the web address point to an unexisting page.
    Looks very much like malware, Do not install
  • V
  • Error: "Adresse nicht erkannt" (URL: openwithgc://?exe=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe&pat=aut&file=http://.....)
    This addon has no settings or any helping manuals so it's unusable. Fortunately there are some working alternative AddOns.
  • this add-on asks for additional software which is malware/adware