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  • I have found this to be a nearly seamless solution to the problem of converting files, especially when you are trying to do so quickly.
  • Frumos
  • Excellent
  • I'm satisfied. very useful apps. Thx
  • Blitz Krieg for graphic files conversion
  • Best. Converter. Ever. So easy to use!
  • I have converted not only music but images too with Online Convert, and it does a fantastic job! I'm going to keep using it.
  • Пишет ошибку, что поврежден контейнер!!!
  • Genial, no conocía el formato Opus, y no podía editar. Gracias por este servicio! Desde Argentina mi saludo!
  • Great use, was using a PDF plug this is much more versatile with tons of options thanks
  • One of the first addon i install on each new Firefox profil. And it works on the best : PALEMOON!! Love it
  • great service!
  • This is absolutely the most useful and best free application I have ever had the pleasure of finding on the internet. I HIGHLY recommend this application and feel VERY fortunate to have it.
  • Quand j'ouvre le lien, pour voir ce que ça a donné, il n'y a rien comme si j'avais rien fait. Est moi qui sais pas l'utiliser?
  • OK OK OK
  • Oh C'mon !!!
    Please Separating the App and Extension.
    Thank You
  • I really love this converter.
    It would be even better if it allows to convert multiple files instead of only one at a time.
  • I have used this add on for several conversions to different file formats by now (Word, pdf, images) and I am highly satisfied. The quality of the downloaded pictures is very high, and I love it that I can easily copy and paste or edit a website text when I convert it to .odt.

    Very versatile and easy to use add on!
  • Not only does it NOT include comment sections on web pages, but somehow get all the pop-ups in there that completely block the content!
  • Converting txt to e-pub, mobi, aw3 all worked great but will not convert covers like calibre does, it would be nice if it could. especially if adding a cover image to a text file as a cover image. Won't convert word-perfect, guess since it's Canadian Don't like Corel files anymore eh?
  • Awesome plug-in, i just have one question, does the links/download log is ever sent back to you?

  • Totally thought this was going to be a spammy ad-ware add on that would eat my browser's brain and turn it in to a zombie. I was wrong. There are a few things that are a bit inconvienient pertainging to functionality but overall, great work. I really hope you can find some folks to help develop this further. If you could trim some of the code up a bit for efficiency's sake as well, in order to make it super snappy and use less resources, this thing would be a killer a extension.
  • Thnx to Online Convert
  • This is the best converter so far. I think it's great.
  • Doesn't remember my image quality settings for JPG (I almost always select medium), this forces me to click "Change JPG settings" and change it manually every time.

    Doesn't have a "convert to JPG" link on the addon's right-click menu in Firefox (forcing you to go to the website and at least click the button "Convert to JPG")

    I need to be able to right click an image-link and select "Convert Link to JPG" without any sub-menu's. Currently doing that takes 7 steps with the addon:

    1. right click image-link
    2. hover "convert link to"
    3. click "Image"
    4. click "Change JPG settings"
    5. click the quality dropdown menu
    6. click "medium"
    7. click "Convert file"

    Doing this without the addon:
    1. right click image-link
    2. copy link location
    3. open new tab
    4. click my http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-jpg speed-dial link
    5. paste
    6. select medium quality
    7. click "Convert file"

    So basically I'm not saving any steps at all by having the addon installed. The only benefit to me is that I don't need to use the clipboard.

    This should be do-able in a single step:
    1. "Convert Link to JPG"
    Thanks a lot for you thorough feedback. We will consider adding a custom shortcut which is selectable by the user in the addon.

    As a workaround and if you know the URL of the image, you can use the following link, changing http://bit.ly/b2dlVA with your URL and having the quality preselected to medium:
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