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439 reviews for this add-on
  • The best screen capture extension. Complete and functional.

  • QUESTION: Why does Nimbus open a browser tab to a website "everhelper" then quickly close that tab? Are my screen captures being uploaded onto the internet without my permission? Developer, please tell everyone our captures remain on our local computer drives only! There is something about UNDOCUMENTED tabs opening and then closing that seem scummy.

  • Not a simple screen capture! It's a "google drive like"... but better, so much better!
    (perhaps you should give more explanations about the many ways to use it?!)
    I love it! Great great job

  • Simply the best

  • installed but no menu entry or in context menu ... sucks. wasted time.

  • Spy.

  • I have to capture webpages with HTML5 animations. No other screencap add-on captures properly except Nimbus! HIGHLY Recommend.

  • Need option to save as Tiff! Doesn't capture the exactly area selected but cuts off the right hand side! 'Select and Scroll' function does not work. Not good enough.

  • Several functions don't work as expected, such as Select and Scroll, when the page is zoomed. Otherwise, this add-on is very helpful in what it advertises to do. Solid 4 and half star, but I'll be generous and give it 5 star nonetheless.

  • This app really deserves 5 out of 5 stars. I've been using it for a while and works wonderful. Keep up the great work Nimbus. :)

  • This is the ONLY plugin for Firefox that actually saves the page in its entirety. I have tried them all.

  • Really handy tool, it does what exactly I need. Just would like this feature, be able to drag selected area directly to another software e.g. Photoshop with out needing to save it.
    Many thanks to the developer!

  • it works, shooting screen images. i'd like it to work also with a pdf printer like pdf x-change 5, which nimbus does not in case i capture a full page screenshot und then try to print it. there is not all information on the print.

  • like this

  • I love this app. The most useful one. Just one thing, I'll give you 5 stars if you upgrade screen-record in Firefox (as Chrome). Congrats and go!

  • La sélection n'est pas respectée : Je sélectionne une zone, il me copie/colle une autre zone. Je vais donc chercher un autre module...

  • Good job

  • praktis Penggunaanya mudah,sangat membantu.

  • Absolutely the best!

  • Doesn't work with HTTPSeverywhere - can't reload the page after taking the screenshot. Need to disable HTTPSeverywhere and then take the screenshot over, then it will send to note - other than that it is working good. Please get HTTPS.

  • Used to be really good but now the 'Select and Scroll' function does not work. Please fix this!

  • This is the best ScreenShot system. It beats even Mozilla's version. Not only that, I can take shots of Docs, Excel, Pdf's which Google & Outlook won't let you do. Ergo, I can now turn Word Graphics into JPG's for use on all media platforms etc etc ! Luckily, I still have Picasa on all my systems which is a great editing tool when combined with AcDc. On other parallels, all the older systems are still the best !
    Google Docs & Shhets are crap ! Open Office has been made to complicated = Crap ! Outlook is reasonable as you can still insert text boxes + 4/10 ! Microsoft Edge is shite !
    The trouble with the Computer Nerd's they employ is that they insist upon fixing great systems that aint broke PERIOD ! ........ They forget that the majority populations are still over 50 years & want things simple like Winsows 7 & Picasa ! -- Keep up the good work. I and multi 000's appreciate it so much & I will indeed make a donation. Best. Tony.

  • Works great so far. Only thing not working is dropping an image in the Blank screen feature. You can, however, select a file to upload using the left most icon in the toolbar. I contacted support about this and they replied within an hour and said that they'll get it fixed.
    Adding elements when editing is easy but dragging and resizing is not as easy as Awesome screenshot. Needs improvement there.

  • Great capture tool. Love it and have been using it forever!

  • Simple and extremely helpful!