33 reviews
  • Great extension!
  • Nice alternative to the default Firefox start page. It works well so far. No bugs and stuff. Also, there are many ways to customize the page like changing background and theme. I definitely recommend this one. I have only one request. It would be nice to be able to add sites from the home page without using Firefox bookmarks directly.
    P.S. Sometimes it runs pretty slow, though. Please, reduce the startup time.
  • Does not work in Firefox 61.0.1 (x64).
    What you mean with "not working". Can I help?

    There was an issue with containers but has been fixed successfully.

    Please note as well web extensions are a very new in Firefox and there lot of (known?) issues, nothing to do with this extension.

    E.g. Firefox starts and shows anything but not Nellitab:

    For such issue i can only offer to wait until it has been fixed by Mozilla.
  • Great addon has many options and the developer listens to feedback.
  • Great extension! Many different interesting settings. I hope this project will same develops forward.
  • I really like it. Pretty cool for the beginning... so far not any issue found.