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  • I was so enthusiastic when I pressed play/pause immediately after installing this extension. But so disappointed when I pressed previous/next to see that it doesn't work. Other media keys act as if you had pressed play/pause. Too bad, could you please do something to fix this ? Please don't force me to install Evil-Google-Chrome ;) (in Chrome it works out of the box :/ )
    Windows 10, Firefox v66 (quantum), standard good old (more old actually) Logitech keyboard.
  • The addon works fine.... except that every media key is getting redirected to MediaPause when playing on YouTube. Would have given it a 5 star if it was able to properly skip a track instead of pausing it, if prompted.
  • it f***ing works!!!
  • Works as advertised for Spotify free. If only the bug preventing skipping was patched...
  • Thank you for the update! Hope the bug preventing the skip functions to work gets fixed soon.
  • Thanks for porting it to quantum!
    The only thing is that the keys just pause and resume the video, while in old version for ESR if i remember you could use the right buttons to change playlist song to next and etc.
    Anyways very good addon, i needed this so badly!
  • Skiping pauses on youtube music
  • It doesn't use global hotkeys like it claimed (at least thats what i understood)
    On spotify, the forward, play/pause, previous, all these just does the same as play/pause.