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  • Thank you for a nice extension.

    2019-09-07 OP (now obsolete): I am seeing one (old) bug though: placement next to mouse cursor works correctly only at 100% zoom level. At other zoom levels, the popup gets proportionally misplaced (position seems to be relative to top/left corner of the page).
    2019-11-08 Edit: Fix in 3.11 confirmed, thank you (rating adjusted accordingly).
    The bug seems to be difficult/impossible to fix, see https://github.com/jaatroko/link-status-redux/issues/23 for details. Edit: fixed in version 3.11.
  • Awesome extension! It's working on 68.0.1. I particularly liked the documentation, I've opted to replace the native status panel by disabling it via userChrome.css. This and "Dark Scroll" extension are a must have for cleaning up Firefox UI.
  • Lightweight and dead simple. This thing is great. Unbelievable that Mozilla doesn't include it in Firefox. STILL works as of Firefox 67 (in July of 2019). Nice.
  • I am using this addon v3.5 on Firefox v62 under Windows 7. This addon is great!
    I have setting, "Above browser's native overlink panel (with no URL shown by default)", Offset from bottom: 16.

    When I visit a page with maximized Firefox window and hover my mouse over a link, this addon perfectly displays last visited date just above the link text in the native overlink panel.
    However, if I set Firefox window to normal state and resize it with smaller window width, a horizontal scroll bar appears in Firefox window. At this moment, if I hover the link in the page, the last visited date is not perfectly located just above the link text in the native overlink panel. There is a gap between them. So, the position is affected by the horizontal scroll bar.
    I made an issue on github about this gap, see https://github.com/jaatroko/link-status-redux/issues/13 for details. Edit: fixed in version 3.6.
  • it doesn't work for me
    Well, that is unfortunate, but without any details all I can do is offer generic debugging advice: make sure you have the latest version of LSR, try with a clean profile and default settings without any other add-ons installed. Also note that with default settings LSR does not display anything if the link is not visited.
  • For the bookmark bar can not work in F61.0.2?
    No. Unless you have knowledge to the contrary, the WebExtension API has not been amended to allow this.
  • Thanks for the developer, works fine except on one site (http://www.infosva.org/index.php). If I disable the add on (version 3.4)the site works (no error 404). Tried with old version 3.0 and works fine.
    This is the exact same problem that I run into a month or so ago on a different site. I developed the fix, but did not hurry with a new version as it was only that one site (for me).

    This is fixed in version 3.5, see https://github.com/jaatroko/link-status-redux/commit/4ebda746fc85340790e2a7ed3fb19c3daaa9b51b if you want to know the details.
  • LOVE IT :D
    love it love it, thank you Sir :D
  • Many thanks for migrating addon to WebExtensions and making it compatible with Fx57+ :-). Do you think it is possible with current WE API to handle also bookmarks (for example in bookmarks toolbar)?
    **Edit: I didn't delete (at least intentionally) my previous review with your answer - it was automatically removed by AMO when I posted this one...
    With the current API, not really. Technically, a WE can create its own sidebar and populate it with the bookmarks. BUT: it's a bit out of scope for LSR, it's a fair amount of effort for questionable gain, and it won't be as good as the native bookmarks sidebar anyway (no favicons; colors and folder etc. icons won't be OS/Firefox-themed).
  • This is the most useful and most important addon. And I use a lot of addons. Thank you!!
  • Any plans to add e10s support? It works great in older versions but will it continue in the future?
    I've thought about it, but probably won't bother until I have to. That is to say, it *seems* to work OK if I force e10s on (if about:support is to be trusted), so unless/until LSR is the only one of the addons that I use (counting only the popular ones) that blocks automatic enabling of e10s I won't bother. (There is also the fact that LSR "integrates" with Status-4-Evar and thus will have to be compatible with it framework-wise.)
  • Does not work with Firefox46 and 45.
    Fixed in version 2.5.
  • Hello.
    Please, make an option to place info in tooltips (addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/previews/full/24/24922.png).
  • Still works with latest versions of Firefox.
    Are you interested by a French translation?
    Well not personally, but French-speaking users might appreciate it ;-) If you want to provide a translation, send it (files under chrome/locale/$LANG/ and a description and translator credits to go into install.rdf) to me at jhaATikiDOTfi.
  • Not any freeze or crash, simply do not function
    (no symbol before the URL in status bar).
    Redirect Remover here -

    Works without issues with Redirect Cleaner
    (now removed from AMO), was here -
    now here -

    Works without issues with Clean Links
    (even with modified/custom version of CL).
    Clean Links here -

    Works without issues with 80 other add-ons in my system -
  • Very usefull!
  • great plugin, but does not work with https.
    (especially on linkedin.com)
    I doubt that it has anything to do with https. My guess would be escaped special characters in the URL being the cause for LSR not working, see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=817374 (I don't know if there's any way to work around this, and I haven't had time to check into it further, especially as it works well enough in my own use.)
  • Now I don't have to remember the date of my last visit.
    Works very good.
    Thank you.
  • Очень удобно, благодарю.
  • Excuse me - it is Status-4-Evar popup option do not work.
    Yeah, looks like a Status-4-Evar bug since the popup doesn't work whether LSR is enabled or not.
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