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535 reviews for this add-on
  • 速度慢,china cannot link to google

    Developer response

    What you have to do is to change the translation domain for Google Translate service base of your preference.
    To change the domain, go to ImTranslator Advanced Options, and select a Preferred domain for Google Translate.

  • ok

  • awesome

  • Verständliche und Zielgerichtigter Übersetzter, der jede Sprache in einfachen Schritten mt zwei drei Klicks so übersetzt, dass es jeder Mensch verstehen kann.

  • popup bubble is what I was looking for

  • ¡Invaluable! Mi traductor favorito.
    Encontré un mini-bug al darle click derecho a un párrafo seleccionado, no aparece la opción InLine, hay que darle un segundo click.

  • O mais completo e altamente personalizável, e ainda é leve.

  • 挺好的,那些说天朝没法用的记得在翻译的小框框左边重新选下翻译来源 M(微软翻译)或者T(同Translator设置)

  • nice

  • Funktion ist Perfekt, tut was er soll und das gefällt mir.

  • bom

  • ottima

  • please create a better icon, current one is ugly. otherwise it is good :D

  • There is no TTS.

    Developer response

    ImTranslator includes the text-to-speech functionality that converts text into voice.
    The text-to-speech conversion is available for 30 languages. You can listen to the original text or its translation.

  • well

  • A primeira opção do contexto do botão direito do mouse traduz em caixa te texto, tem opção para comparar em três provedores de tradução: Google, Microsoft e Translator. Mais à direita do texto traduzido, tem botões para copiar o texto traduzido, ouvir o texto até 200 caracteres. O botão com opção "Compare Traduções" não funcionou no Firefox 58. O idioma que uso é português do Brasil. Não encontrei a opção para português brasileiro. Minhas traduções estão muito boas, mesmo assim.

  • Online translate from email at every country in the world I need

  • I have been using it for weeks since my other translator started to fail and I can say that this is my new favorite translator addon.

  • Es uno de los mejores traductores

  • Mais fácil impossível!
    Útil demais e simples de usar, além de agilizar a busca e o entendimento de palavras, textos, parágrafos inteiros. Perfeito. Parabéns ao desenvolvedor!!!

  • E' il traduttore più preciso che ho provato

  • Вещь!!!

  • I Love it.

  • OK

  • I love this add-on. Every single feature of it (ImTranslator, Inline Translator, Pop-up Bubble etc.) is the best of its' kind among all the translator add-ons I have tried.

    I especially love the Pop-up Bubble, which is my helper in need while browsing through websites which are different from my native one (which is like 75% of all the websites I visit, as I'm not a native English speaker). I'm continuously using it.

    I also like the "detect language" function, because it enables me to translate multiple languages at the same moment without having to switch the settings over and over.

    ImTranslator is also the only add-on I could find that can translate longer pieces of text (when drag-selecting the text with the cursor). This saves me from the time and energy of switching to an extern translator again and again.

    My only suggestion for improvement: the possibility to translate a paragraph by only selecting it. Because right now you can only translate a paragraph by drag-selecting it and clicking on the Translator's button after that.

    Overall: big thumbs up!