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  • Everything is OK
  • Great Work devolpers Excellent
  • Could you please write a review and tell what you did not like or what issued you faced? Thanks
  • Хорошо скрывает IP
  • класний
  • Thanks but could you please write a review what you do not like about our tool?
  • Thank you so much for your work!
  • Very nice! change my ip and country
  • 要试试。
  • Very simple
  • works well thanks for your service :)
  • Очень годное приложение, рекомендую всем. Просто в использование а главное, что его тип free.
  • Semplice, leggero e funzionante. L'unico neo è doversi registrare: si, è possibile usar email usa e getta, ma perchè un servizio che garantisce l'anonimato chiede di registrarsi ?
  • Great utility
  • The most valuable and friendly VPN as i seen
  • Great.........
  • great add-on - thank you!
  • I chose this extension because the devs are active in replying to concerns of the users, and primarily because the extension I was using thus far is no longer working properly in FireFox v57+.

    It works fine for the most part, and does what it says. No issues there. But there are 2 issues that turn me off:

    1. No separation between private and regular windows. If VPN is enabled in Private, it is also automatically activated in regular window. This is an issue because a lot of sites I use flag this as a security issue and either temp-deactivate my account, or auto-logoff me, or send me a security email alert, which means I get a slew of emails in 5 minutes of enabling VPN. My previous VPN had the option to enable only in Private window. I hope the devs would consider implementing this feature here also.

    2. FREE gateways are ridiculously slow. Almost unusable. Sure, FREE options are usually slower because of high traffic volumes and lesser resources allocated, but these are slower even by that standard.
    Thanks for your comments! Sure, we will check if that possible to separate VPN for private and regular windows. If Firefox allows us to do so then no problem. However, with all recent updates, extension has less and less power to do anything to help user :( We struggle permission to recover proxy state after browser restart but Firefox does not give us such... only after first user click but any web page remaining from previous session could make unprotected request.

    As for free gateways - you would not believe but we do NOT limit those gateways in any way. They are even twice stronger than paid ones because we know that there will be thousands of free users. So we did our best to make them as fast as paid ones... however, the amount of users are way too much (each free server uses 4tb and some even 6tb of traffic per month)
  • Unlike the others. This tools is great and reliable! Thanks!
  • Does what I want, no more, no less.
  • Best VPN extension on Firefox :)
  • ottimo e veloce