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  • I'm the SECOND guy to report that these guys MyIpHider.com are Damn Liars!! It DOES PLAINLY SAY "2 days" free use and then you have to "SUBSCRIBE" and it AIN'T FREE! DO NOT REGISTER WITH YOUR REAL EMAIL OR THEY WILL SPAM YOU!!
    Thanks for your review and it's obvious that you have not read even a first few sentences of addon's page, otherwise you would know how to use addon for free =)

    1) The registration does not require confirmation, you were instructed to provide fake email (please check email field). BTW that's why we do not send any emails. Have you ever got a single email from us? Then why you blame us in sending a spam?

    Quote from addon's page: "VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Your email address has not value for us. You are allowed to use any fake email (no confirmation is required)."

    2) Please install addon again and check gateways at the TOP of the list with keyword FREE, they are FREE FOR LIFETIME, without any speed limitations or ads.

    3) Please read instruction page of addon, it's written that you can use tool in three ways: with your own proxy, with our free proxy or with paid subscription.

    Quote from addon's page: "IMPORTANT: This addon has FREE for life time gateways (no ads), premium gateways for paid subscription ($11.52) and 3 days trial for premium gateways (new users only). Also you can use our tool with your own regular proxy serves which you can get free of charge from any web site (for example https://proxy-list.org or any other website)."

    You should be thankful to paid subscribers who support the project and who pay the bills. They make it possible to have free servers for thousands of users who cannot afford privacy protection. Do you still believe that we provided not enough information or hide something? =) Thanks

    p.s. If you have any suggestion what other information we should provide (and where) to make service usage clearer, please let us know. Thanks!
  • Well designed, simple to use...
  • очень полезноое расширения для скрытия IP адреса
  • все работает нормально
  • Расширение FireFox - то,что надо для меня. Ничего не лагает, все видно, никаких лишних всплывающих окон.Я довольна
  • Works great. No glitches.
  • Классное расширение, мне помогло!
  • nice !!!
  • Спасибо. Буду пользоваться
  • my lovely app
  • Отличный сайт
  • классно
  • Очень классно, спасибо
  • easy and sure
  • Швидко та зручно. Рекомендую.
  • Хорошо работает.Моя оценка 5.
  • Өте керемет сайт
  • Отличное расширение у своем роде
  • Quick and simple.Like it very much.
  • hi,its very helpfull.
  • Достойное расширение.Все работает без нареканий.
  • Este una din cea mai buna extensie pentru a schimba IP.