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  • Took a while to figure out, but now it seems to work fine!
    Thanks for writing this extension.
    Keep up the good work.
    You're welcome, glad it's working well for you!
  • Does what it says, good !
    Glad you're digging it T!
  • Works on Android Firefox and desktop too
  • Nguyenminhthuat156@gmail.com
  • Transparent about the permissions needed to run the plugin (usually a lot of plugins asks more than the necessary, and that's sucks, but not this one).

    Besides it the code is pretty simple and clear.

    Thanks for letting the source code easy to access :)
    Glad you like it, Lucas!
  • Tested this and it works. Thanks for making this add on!
    Glad you like it!
  • It probably does what is advertised. But because of this extension, I can't make a call from Facebook. I've disabled all extensions one by one, and found out that its this one behind the problem.
    Hey TerminatorOST, after you left this review I added a relevant snippet to the addon's description. I hope it's helpful!

    > NOTE: Disabling WebRTC will break some sites that depend on it, like Google Voice. If you need to use those sites, here's a suggestion from karlbright@: "the best solution for the foreseeable future is to either have another browser (perhaps firefox developer edition without this extension) used for those services, or enable WebRTC, and disable it again once finished." (source: https://github.com/ChrisAntaki/disable-webrtc-firefox/issues/27#issuecomment-393377906)