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1,200 reviews for this add-on
  • Could you add a privacy policy to this listing? Came here from Violentmonkey cause I found theirs worrisome.

  • Removed the 3.17 feature of installing User Scripts.Totally upset.

  • Great extension !

  • heel fijn ad on in grepolis. Spijtig dat het niet meer werkt na de laatste update van firefox

  • Very good, is nice

  • 非常有用

  • yeah! it works, tnx!

  • Was a very good extension, until they broke their APIs by purpose and did not update any documentation.

    It is worthless for most existing scripts now, and there is really no motivation to write new scripts or to make the old ones work with new Greasemonkey. Since nobody knows how to rewerite scripts and the point of Greasemonkey always was to quickly write fire and forget scripts and not to wonder around how things work or why they don't, I guess Greasemonkey becomes kind of unrelevant quickly. The competition is laughing in joy.

    I have resorted to alternatives (Violentmonkey, Tampermonkey) which still run my old scripts.

  • bunicel

  • fdgdfgdfgdf

  • niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • очень тупая програма у меня она не отображается

  • cool

  • One of the best extensions, so useful, so powerful. So many scripts you can use to improve your experience with Firefox... Thank you so much!

  • indirmek istemeyiorum ama indirmem lazım

  • Great app

  • Forgot to post a comment after the whole debacle a few months back.
    Stay away from this extension, I moved to TamperMonkey.

  • Спасибо большое класс

  • Gracias por el gran aporte

  • Used it in that past ...

  • The manage user scripts for Popup Mouseover is missing. This is a broken addin missing functionality.

  • Every script broke.

  • good

  • Veramente Ottimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • powerful!