Flagfox Version History

2 versions

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Version 6.0.1rc 710.4 KiB Works with Firefox 56.0 and later

* IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for January 2018
* Fixed some caching issues causing IPs to be forgotten in a few cases
* Fixed RTL issues in tooltip and implemented proper support in options
* Fixed bugs related to hotclick configuration in the options page
* Worked-around WebExtension API bug that causes some addon options pages to break in private browsing windows
* Various JS and CSS cleanups

Version 6.0.0rc 731.6 KiB Works with Firefox 56.0 and later

* Disabled actions that need a content script on protocols and Mozilla domains blocked by the WebExt API
* Added domain names of actions (that have a URL) to their tooltips in the options page
* Fixed keyboard affecting main options page while a subdialog is open (e.g. actions list selection)
* Fixed custom action deletes not removing the item from the menu immediately
* Changed options page to autosave actions JSON to storage rather than wait for tab close
* Fixed icon/tooltip updating for error pages
* Fixed TLD nationality not showing in tooltip for mismatch notification blacklisted ccTLDs
* Changed TLD nationality to always show for nation-restricted non-ccTLDs (IDN TLDs require Firefox 57+)
* Fixed Geotool keyboard shortcut
* Added Online Video Converter to default actions list (not in menu by default)

* Rewrote IPDB startup sequence a bit to fix various startup issues
* Fixed useless context menus loading for options page
* Relaxed pasteable text requirement for options paste menu item (Firefox 57+ only)
* Fix "show" checkbox being reset on custom action edit
* Finished implementation of JS actions
* Improved default Page Metadata JS action to list everything it can find (with improved formatting)

* Fixed proxy detection to work properly with sloppy undocumented behavior of Mozilla's WebExt webRequest API (Firefox 57+ only)
* Fixed actions importer to always import action lists with names, using host name or placeholder, if needed
* Fixed a bunch of little bugs in the new options page (with selection handling, drag/drop, & clone selected action)
* Implemented manual paste menu item using new API and unified paste handling
* Added an insecure HTTP tooltip tag, mutually exclusive with HSTS & HTTP/2 tags
* Improved HTTP protocol/security tooltip tags with simple, easy-to-notice icons (Unicode; all in color, in Nightly)
* Added ability to handle default action favicons on non-standard paths; all should show, now (improvement over 5.x)
* Dropped obsolete Validate.nu default action, as it's now the same as the main W3C Validator
* Added some new default actions: Is It Up? (alternative status checker), Built With, & Mozilla Security Observatory
* Added hooks to options for clone selected action (if any) on normal copy/cut, via main menu or hotkey (e.g. ctrl+c)

* First pure WebExtension API version of Flagfox; Firefox 57+ support added (min version Firefox 56)
* Ported Flagfox options from XUL window to HTML tab (along with all other dialogs), per WebExt requirement
* Improved IPDB to now run in its own dedicated JS Worker thread
* Started using ES6 promises everywhere (some new uses because it's better; many compelled by WebExt API)
* Faster flag icon updates using new WebExt API (pages loaded/cached prior to install/update must be refreshed)
* Added simple indicator tags for HSTS and HTTP/2 to flag icon tooltips
* Added Flagfox actions context menus for elements within a page and background tabs (IP-related stuff NYI)
* Improved keyboard support in the options page
* Added options page support for paste to import actions from text, via main menu or hotkey (e.g. ctrl+v)
* Fixed some bugs with actions import/drag/drop in options under recent versions of Firefox
* Added Linux support for opening actions in a background window (not that anyone likely cares)
* Implemented custom locale properties file parsing/loading, because screw WebExtension's bloated I18N
* Implemented universal automatic English fallback for locales (Flagfox 5 had some; Flagfox 6 has it for everything)
* Now stripping redundant manual English fallback strings on build, to save a bit of space
* Added automatic locale file unload after disuse to reduce memory use when no longer needed
* Significantly improved location/host/ip caching (which is now required, due to WebExt APIs)
* Implemented (partial) replacements for various features Mozilla abandoned with the WebExt transition (e.g. eTLD)
* Removed old grey question mark icon; replaced its last remaining use with globe icon
* Various default action changes (Netcraft & IntoDNS HTTPS; Wave A11Y dropped; WOT demoted from default menu)
* Geotool action hotkey changed from Ctrl+Alt+G to Alt+Shift+G due to the very limited WebExtension hotkey API
* New default action hotclicks: "Check Server Status" on double-click and "Google Cache" on triple-click
* IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for December 2017