67 reviews
  • Thanks!
  • Seems to be outdated and the support email bounces.
  • don't work this addons
  • Don't work...
  • It doesn't work for my format but anything to improve privacy has got to be good
  • Good functinality. I wish one could switch it on/off easer, without opening the addons list.

    Avast keeps warning me of "Unseen" by the way.
  • Work perfectly boys
  • It is not working anymore, I have the "block last active indicator of the chat" and even that every time I visit Facebook people can see I'm there .... shame ... it was working until 2 days ago but not anymore. Firefox 59.0.2 (64 bits) mac it seems every time someone send me a message it reset the time indicator to 1 minute ...
  • It works and has a variety of sub filters such as the "last active", "typing", etc. Useful!
  • The addon do exactly what it says and it's the best of it's type. I love it!
  • privacy above all
  • Easy to use and it works as intended. Thanks.
  • Superb! The best thing is that there is finally an opportunity to look at facebook without others seeing you on chat "active 1 minute ago" - finally one can surf facebook in stealth-mode! One thing thats negative is the fact that you have to reload the page when receiving messages, but one can live with this fact :)
    Thank You for this great ad-on!
  • Perfect!