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  • Thank you for this awesome tool
  • all label.click event checks the first checkbox.
  • On other devices without this addon, the messages by counterpart are not marked as read after replying witth own message.
  • Works fine!
  • The add-on works correctly (tested under Firefox 54) and will be without a doubt an useful tool against at least one of the myriad of annoyances found in how Facebook works.
    The one hiccup I found, that is up to each user to think of as a problem or not, is one that is shared with similar working add-ons (those preventing Facebook from notifiying others that we have seen their messages): These types of extensions always mark all such messages as "unread" by you in your own account. So you always log-in to discover a notification on your FB bar of handfuls of messages waiting to be seen. Is as if not letting the sender know you've seen the message means not actually seeing it.
    I think your feelings towards the small gripe I just described will be decisive on weather you like this extension or not.
  • working okay
  • It does what it says and has a few more features. Helpful and reliable. I recommend.
  • Works fine.

    Can you add a select/unselect all options button?
  • cant use it on pale moon, i have got one installed but its stopped working ;9
  • works for FB desktop website. wish there was a way to apply this to FB messenger app.
  • The privacy policy on the website says it collects information (the website or the extension?). The 'Contact us' and 'Contribute' links don't work either, links that would provide useful information.

    Before I was using Unseen (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/unseen-fb) but this add-on hasn't got a button like FB Unseen. Good job!

    By the way, the popup menu has got a bug, the label of all 5 options points to the first one. If you want to check/uncheck some of the other options you'll need to press the check square, its label won't work.

    EDIT: after using the version 2.0 for a few days I had to remove it because Facebook messages stop coming when the add-on was enabled. On Firefox 48 on Windows 10 when using the Facebook small chat windows I could send messages but I couldn't receive them having to do a page refresh to see them. What kind of huge bug is this? I've downgraded the rate from four to two starts. I'll carry on using the old Unseen until new releases of this extension.
  • Very useful extension work as told
  • working okay :-)