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  • This add-on seems to be overwritten by the English (US) language - very frustrating when the spelling check underlines the correct spelling for English (UK) words in favour of English (US) - exactly like it's done here for 'favour'!
  • It helps me see my typos and to spell better.
  • It doesn't work...
  • Finally Firefox in English. It's getting more of a pain to wrestle it out of American.. It just shouldn't need this though. V18 improves getting this horrible browser (it was great once) and LibreOffice installing in British immediately.
  • er, it doesn't seem to want to install on firefox quantum 63.0
  • Bloody Yanks, think they rule the whole World!

    "! English (GB) Language pack is incompatible with Waterfox 56.2.3" Why the Hell not? Should I use an older (less safe) version? Is English (GB) a lesser known language that devs aren't bothered about?

  • good
  • Just does not work on Mac. No spell check function at all.
  • Cannot add this pack in the UK when the pack already has the US version!!
    Must go to options and remove the US language to enable the UK pack.
  • Alway,s correct give me 5 stars .
  • Ghastly! No matter how many times I try to change the spellchecker language from US crap English to proper UK English it doesn't reset it!
  • Doesn't work. Using British English Marco Pinto instead.
  • facile et pertinente
  • Ich laß mich überraschen
  • helpful and informative
  • Proper English
  • working fine for now
  • This is useless, disable it in your add-ons and install this one.

    British English Dictionary (Marco Pinto) by Marco A.G.Pinto

    Problem sorted.
  • It says I should use the 62th version of Mozilla insted of 60th but this is the 62th.
  • I would give this zero stars but at least one star has to be clicked on for a review to be made. Why doesn't the English (UK) dictionary work? I see that there are a lot of users commenting the same thing here, so why hasn't this been fixed so that it works? I have also just updated to the latest version of Firefox and the UK dictionary did download apparently but there is nothing there and I am still being corrected to spell things the American way. I am English and want to write in English - not American! Not impressed at all!
  • Why can't I install any language pack that is relevant to me? I am not from Americaland!!!!

    It tells me that I can only install English SA or UK if I have Firefox 62 or newer, and then I click to download the latest version, which turns out to be 61.02 something!!!

    How can the minimum requirements be higher than the latest release? That's just screwed up!!!

  • Pourquoi dit-on que "Ce module nécessite une version plus récente de Firefox (version 62.0 minimum). Vous utilisez Firefox 61.0."
    La version 62.0 existe-t-elle ? J'en doute. En tous les cas le lien présenté ne renvoie pas vers son téléchargement.
  • does not work
  • Preferisco la lingua Inglese
  • I have had no problems with this, seems to just do its job.