131 reviews for this add-on
  • Het geweldig on zo'n vertaling te kunnen gebruiken

  • Brilliant web browser, keep up the good work guy's

  • I am a British citizen and live in England

  • do not work

  • O PSDB criminoso. Não é Fake news é a verdade, e segundo Aiacyda a verdade sempre aparece, https://youtu.be/1M5qmrm20PQ.

  • ok

  • Terrible. Zero stars. No only does it NOT WORK, but it blanks-out all the text in 'options'.
    Does Mozilla bother to read these reviews & fix their damned software? No. Thought not!

  • Added to Firefox,restart and Facebook is still in ridiculous American English !

  • It did not work, I was forced to select every language from this pack each separately, instead of the entire pack to make it work

  • I cannot get get spell check on yahoo mail

  • Does not work AT ALL ! English does not even appear in the list of available languages to be used... (English US the same, btw).

  • This must be the WORST English language pack around, maybe created by a NON English.
    Lost of worths missing even my 5 year old daughter can do better.


  • This language pack claims to check English (GB), but it seems to have been written by an American.
    Far too many spelling issues that prefer the American spelling to the proper British spelling.
    If I had wanted American spelling, I would have opted to install the English (US) Language Pack instead.

  • Ok

  • Strangely, it installs but does not show up on the right-click context menu of available languages.

  • Have tried several times and, like so many others have said, it doesn't work! We are in the UK and are stuck with US spelling and keyboard - can't find the pound symbol, @ is in the wrong place, etc etc! PLEASE fix this...

  • https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/1005504/english_gb_language_pack-61.0buildid20180704003137-fx.xpi?src=dp-btn-primary redirects to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/english-gb-language-pack/ so the language pack cannot be installed.

  • Its does not works

  • you can use more useful things

  • Doesn't work !

  • super ok ce dico

  • does FF not read this?? .
    this is not taking your users very seriously, reading the many 1-star ratings all with the same reason:
    IT DOES NOT WORK ;((((((

  • Tells me my version of FF is too old even though I've just installed the latest version

  • It does not appear to work, now whether this is a fault of Gmail (yuk I hate it but that's what the company uses) or not I don't know, when typing words in to Gmail where it expects a "z" and I use an "s" I get a spelling error.