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302 reviews for this add-on
  • They find the best rebates plus send you a check for using them!!!

  • With ebates, its so easy to get discount and save money.

  • Love Ebates

  • am very pleased at what ebates found for me

  • great

  • Ebates takes care of everything. Go to an online store that partners with Ebates, click on "Apply", and you never have to think of it again. Ebates also searches for coupons to use while you're shopping, so you're winning both coming and going.
    I highly recommend it!


    Developer response

    Sorry to hear about this. We try to make it as easy as possible to earn Cash Back on your purchases. Here's a link that might help to clear up any difficulties: And we're always there to help, just send us a message!

  • Not only do you get cash back when using Ebates, but you also get great savings. Thanks to Ebates, I saved nearly $75 on 100 graduation cards, which was 50% of the original price.

  • Shopping through Ebates add on has saved me money and frustration. I recommend Ebates to every online shopper.


  • I did not believe it would be this easy, but it truly is! Free money back for shopping I normally do. Love it!

  • Always a great company to work with.

  • I like shopping and with E bates I get paid for it . Thank you E bates.

  • thank you for caring for people on a limited budget

  • Super easy to use. Fun and earn cash back when I shop.. Love it, Love it!

  • I just saved $7.99

  • While it won't make you rich, it is super easy. Kind of like a coupon, but instead of getting immediate discount, it adds up and you get a check every couple of months. I haven't gotten a lot back, but every little bit helps!


  • save me a lot

  • I've used Ebates for a long time now! Over the long run it's saved me almost $400!!

  • I spend quite a bit but don't get rebate for all shops. Would like to shop where ebates is honored. Would rather they send cheque over 10.00. As it is a waste to send one for under a dollar.

  • Whatever site I'm looking at most of the time tells me that Ebates has cash back at the site, so I click the link to make sure that I get any additional discount when applicable. When I'm shopping on line, I almost always use the Ebates site to go to whatever store I'm going to do my shopping!

  • Wow! This free extension just saved me $6! How cool is that! :)

  • Excellent

  • I absolutely love Ebates; I get paid for shopping online, at the stores I always shop. SILLY ME for not starting sooner, I'd hate to know the amount of money I missed out on with rebate checks; I just thought about it, I'm about ready to faint. So happy I FINALLY decided to look into Ebates; never again will I miss out on $$'s back in my wallet.