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  • Great search engine. Buggy and not-so-useful extension. Icon disappears and reappears randomly.

    Extension doesn't provide really useful additional features, other than some reminders about the !bang functions, and adding DDG "answer" results on other search engines, if you consider that useful.

    I recommend just adding DDG as a search engine and forgoing the "Plus" extension entirely.

    Developer response

    There were a lot of changes made in Firefox 23 (released yesterday) and many issues have been resolved. Can you please check if you're still seeing any bugs? If everything works to your liking, would you please consider updating your review to reflect the improvements? Thanks again, -The DuckDuckGo Team

  • Switched from Safari to Firefox permanently for this app. Apple and Google have made it more difficult for users to use other searches like Duck as the default option. Works in the address bar no problems.

  • You really need to fix the button issue.

    Developer response

    There is a setting to remove it. If you go to Add-ons -> DuckDuckGo Plus -> Options, just uncheck the setting labeled "Show DuckDuckGo popup button in the toolbar." The latest version restores this setting and it is working properly. We are also submitting a new version that duplicates this setting in the toolbar button itself. Thank you for being patient -- the review process can take some time.

    Update: With the release of Firefox 23 today, many issues with default search engines in Firefox have been fixed. The button has been confirmed to be working properly now and we've included a button in the toolbar button that allows you to hide/show the same button. Could you please let us know if this is working properly for you and, if so, we'd love for you to consider an updated review. If anything seems amiss, please let us know directly, by emailing us at mozilla@duckduckgo.com


    -The DuckDuckGo Team

  • Having Duck Duck Go readily accessible is awesome in itself-great search engine that filters out the stuff you don't need with the added bonus of not being tracked. Safety and fun-tionality!

  • I used this search engine for 5 minutes and fell in love with it! You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work!!!

  • All those NSA and PRISM programs made me to switch to the awesome duck duck go search! I don't trust Google anymore.

    To duck duck go : please fix the toolbar appearing again and again after Firefox restart! BTW thanks for the great addon!

  • The claim for this latest version is that "This version fixes the toolbarbutton issues." I found JUST THE OPPOSITE! With this version, no matter how the DDG button is removed from the tool bar, IT COMES BACK AGAIN AFTER FIREFOX RESTART. Very annoying.

    Developer response

    Sorry about this! We were getting massive amounts of reports about the button disappearing and the search engine default resetting. The intention was to have a new setting that toggles on/off the button, but somehow it is now missing. Thank you (and to whoever else is reading this) for your patience and understanding while we get it back ASAP and work through the review process.

    Update: We've released a new version of the extension that includes a button for showing/hiding the toolbar button, directly in the toolbar button menu. Also, with the release of Firefox 23, the handling of default search engines is very much improved, which has resolved some other issues. If you see anything wrong with the new extension on Firefox 23, please let us know at: mozilla@duckduckgo.com
    If everything is working well, we'd appreciate the thanks by updating your review and letting others know that the issues have been resolved.

    All the best,

    -The DuckDuckGo Team

  • Look out, Google search - there's a new kid in town. It's called DuckDuckGo.

  • DuckDuckGo (DDG) is not only an enormously convenient way to ninja search (using so-called !bang commands in the awesome bar when duckduckgo is the default search engine) but also offers so many creatively generous features and "goodies" that you almost feel bad all that talent isn't making off with some Google-like cash. DuckDuckGo says "do no evil" and insists it does not track, bubble or collect demographic information about you. To paraphrase Justin Timberlake in 'The Social Network' -- DuckDuckGo just is.. cool. Give 'er a spin! AF

  • !bang

  • Liberty

  • Superb work, but just one problem I seem to be having. Using Ubuntu 13.04 and since the last Firefox update, I am unable to 'ask the duck' when i copy and right click on words. Kind of annoying as I have to copy paste and search in a new tab instead. Anyway to fix this? Or did I break it somehow?

    Developer response

    Thanks for the kind words and for the heads up! We'll investigate on our end but, in the meantime, would you mind posting this issue to our forum (can be done anonymously): https://duck.co/
    That way, someone else with a similar issue may be able to help us/you debug the problem.

  • Just tried this and its a great search engine.

  • 5 stars.No reason.

  • Great search engine that doesn't track you. How tracking on other search engines work: http://donttrack.us/

  • UN buscado y add-on muy bueno paa andar anonimamente

  • DuckduckGo doesn't track you like the other search engines.

  • Hi dose this hide my searches from google so they cannot collect data as its https?

    Developer response

    MrHealthy, searching on DuckDuckGo is end-to-end anonymous. You can read more about that on our privacy policy here: https://duckduckgo.com/privacy

  • Secure Search easier than ever

  • Hi,

    great addon! Please add it also for the ESR version.
    We are using the actual version ESR 17.0.5 in our company.

    This would be fine!

  • DDG has been my main search engine since the website wasn't as blazingly fast as today. Results can be a bit off sometimes, mostly regional search - but I'm sure it'll get better with time, always reporting stuff.
    This addon is a must have if you like to search directly on websites(!bangs are ducking awesome) you visit and/or care about privacy.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you find it useful! On regional results, would you mind letting us know if you're adjusting the Region setting in the DuckDuckGo settings menu? If so, would you mind sending us some examples of bad results through our feedback form at the bottom of ddg.gg/feedback ?

  • I like the DDG search, and set it up as my default search engine. I've never really been a fan of search bars, but I figured I'd give this one a try.After installing, it... well, it appears in the extensions list. That's it. There's no new search bar, there's no icon, and there's nothing listed in the Customize Toolbar. Possibly a corrupted install? Running FF 19 portable.

    Update (Since I can't seem to reply to developer's comment):

    Hi, I thought it might be something like that. I wanted to leave it unrated, but the system required a rating. I gave it 3 stars because it's unfair to give it a 1 when obviously it's not the extension itself that's the issue, and likewise it obviously doesn't warrant a 5. I saw the examples, which is why I looked in the "Customize Toolbar".

    Unfortunately, corporate restrictions block a lot of things like changes to the browser. Fortunately, they allow portable apps to be installed, which is why I used portable FF. I also tried portable PaleMoon (which I'm starting to like better); also v19, same issue.

    Developer response

    Billdehaan, Thanks for the specific feedback and apologies for any frustration the install is causing. After installing, it should have added a small button to your Menu bar that you can see examples of on the addon page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/duckduckgo-for-firefox/?src=search We'll look into any possible issues with the portable version but it's common that some extensions don't work with portable versions ( http://portableapps.com/support/firefox_portable#known_issues )

    UPDATE: There were a lot of changes made in Firefox 23 (released yesterday) and many issues have been resolved. Can you please check if you're still seeing any bugs? If everything works to your liking, would you please consider updating your review to reflect the improvements? Thanks again, -The DuckDuckGo Team

  • I like DDG as a search engine and the add on, but, there is a big problem with localising the results.DDG does not tailor results to the UK anything like as efficiently as big G.This means that I end up using !guk a lot which makes DDG more of a hindrance than a help.

    Oh and yes, I have adjusted my region in the DDG settings, it helps but doesn't fix the problem, I still get far more US results than when using the big G.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the response! Have you adjusted your region in the DuckDuckGo Settings? https://duckduckgo.com/settings
    You can set it to United Kingdom, which will boost results for that region.
    Adjusting the region will also auto-regionalize the !bang tags. So, with the UK region enabled, !g or !a will go to the UK version (no need to specify !guk or !auk)

    If you ever have more feedback on the search-engine, outside the addon, we look into all the responses we get from our form at the bottom of our feedback page: https://duckduckgo.com/feedback Please don't hesitate to report any poor results! : )

  • I always add this, I almost exlusively use DDG for search, results are on a par and sometimes better than google's. I especially like it's privacy.

  • The concept and method of not tracking search queries is great, and DDG is great for that.
    But the FF add-on adds on too much (icon in bar, etc.) that are too hard to figure out how to get rid of. It's like going on a date with an attractive person who then keeps calling you every hour the next day. Too pushy for a duck.

    Developer response

    FYI: we have a regular search plugin at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/duckduckgo-ssl/?src=search though with Firefox 23 this plus add-on also works well with the omnibar.