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  • I really like this add-on and can't wait to see it grow in functionalities.

  • 5 stars-Aide à protéger la vie privée, merci

  • Thanks to the dev. Works perfectly alongside uBlock, HTTPS Everywhere etc. As mentioned, great addition for privacy minded folk (as everyone should be). Cheers

  • I want to apologize to the author. Not completely figuring out the work of the addon, I wrote a negative review. Now I understand how wrong it was. The addon is completely working and performs all the functions that are assigned to it. Once again, I apologize to Thomas. Please do not throw work on it.

  • 100 100

  • Well all I have to say is times are changing at a incredible rate as far as security goes these days. And this app is considerable step to protect your data, privacy and so much more. IMO with so many good and bad people, groups and companies tapping into whatever they get from you and I...steps that are more proactive for us average users must be taken.
    I thank and commend all on this project for they're countless hours and energies!
    Get this app!!!

  • Cut out the middleman. Reduces profiling from the omnipresent Google and improves web page loading times. Another addon to add to my arsenal.

    Only downside is that non-static elements like recaptcha can't be contained locally. I guess blocking referers and making its cookies temporary is the only possible measure for now.

  • 装了这个扩展,不要其他工具就可以正常访问Stackoverflow,并且一些网站的打开速度也加快了,非常感谢开发者!

  • Any novel privacy-enhancing add-on gets a thumbs up from me. Thanks!

  • Semble fonctionner comme un charme!

  • Its really great add-on ,works well directly out of the box.Thanks

  • Интересно а CashBack как с этим расширением дружит интересно ? Очень жаль что нет кнопки на панели для отключения м включения

  • Thanks

  • It's very useful

  • I had thought of something like this, but did nothing with the idea. Thankfully someone like you exists who can both think and do!

  • it help to reduce privacy risk and unnecessary trafic.
    it has some problem but this addon is good!

  • EDIT: This addon is great, it does what it is supposed to do perfectly. The developer is also open to discussing problems which is also a great benefit with an addon's development.

  • Great add-on, it helps to save your confidential information from different extraneous resources

  • ya hacia tiempo que necesitabamos una aplicación como está, para tener mejor privacidad cuando navegamos. muchas gracias

  • works wonderfully! thank you for this important tool :-)

  • Works perfectly with Firefox 50 and e10s, please markt it as compatible :)

  • Полезное дополнение, для тех, кому важна приватность... но, есть капля дегтя в бочке меда: не работает с яндекс-диском!!! Приходится отключать. Разработчик мог бы сделать значок для панели браузера, для on/off дополнения.

  • Will you make it multiprocess compatible ? Soon ?

  • Protects from CDN tracking. Keeps all my sites working as expected. And is very unobtrusive.


  • I already use a lot of blocking extensions and have not noticed any negatives from adding this. I install it in every Moz-based browser I have for which it is compatible. Would like to see it developed as XUL ext. for those of us not planning to go to Webext..