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  • Makes pages take too long to load and looks worse than other addons
  • Thank you very much! Firefox(desktop and mobile) should have a dark theme by default changeable in a simple way. It is very annoying that bright white when you are in a low light room and on mobile phones is stressful for the battery too. Cannot possibly understand why they don't make a light — dark theme by default.
  • Best Dark Addon i could find, but there is 1 thing that i dislike, white flashes whenever i open or reload a page. Is there a way to make firefox default background black while keeping this addon?
  • Enfin on peut modifier les couleurs des pages web pour éviter le fond blanc agressif pour les yeux sans que des éléments de la page disparaissent.
    Loin des extensions qui proposent des fonds d'écrans délirants et criards, celle-ci fait ce que je cherchais: personnaliser background et foreground, avec des réglages simples mais très fins.
    Le nom de l'extension est peut-être mal choisi: je dirais plutôt "Background and foreground customizing" !
  • Отличное приложение! Радует, что есть возможность для каждого сайта настроить свой вариант: Invert либо Stylesheet Processor. Но есть одно просьба: сделайте, пожалуйста, подложку иконки приложения прозрачной, либо сделайте белую обводку по квадратному краю, а то, на отличной от тёмной темы Firefox, смотрится не комильфо.
  • Dark Background and Light Text is thebest night mode tool available for Firefox. I can disable a prticular website & can change the colour I want.
  • This is add-on is by far the best of its kind.
    It's so much better than anything else, that it's the main reason I'm using Firefox.
    Yes. It's that good.
  • Really excellent! I use this all the time. It does not reduce site functionality.
  • Great work, thank you.
  • awsome , thank you for providing such feacture