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  • A lot faster than dark reader
  • This is an essential addon for the internet plague of white or light backgrounds. Unfortunately it stops multi threading and makes all the browsers that I have tried it on crawl to a stop with mind numbingly slow page load times.

    I am currently using Cyberfox 52.9.1 with DBLT v0.6.8 the highest supported version. I prefer v0.5.14 because it allows the backgrounds of mozilla and addons pages to be altered but I thought that I would test with the latest supported version to see if multithreading would work, which it does not. No other addons installed so nothing else to blame but DBLT. Help->Troubleshooting Info shows whether multithreading is enabled/disabled.
  • I've been using this for probably five or six years! Love it love it love it! Dark reader is horrible and this one always works
  • First thing I install
  • Currently using this on my Android phone. Awesome for browsing at night/low light situations and also saves battery on my amoled screen. Thanks!
  • An option to export/import settings or sync across devices would be nice. However, for anyone looking to manually export the settings to a new device, the settings are stored in the following location in your profile folder: \browser-extension-data\jid1-QoFqdK4qzUfGWQ@jetpack\storage.js
  • constant white flashes. defeats the purpose and slows things down.
  • Saves my eyesight thank you
  • Flawless. thanks.