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  • No longer worked so I removed it from FireFox...next day when I reinstalled it again started to work normally. Thanks a lot.
    What does this mean?
  • works good
    Thank you I am glad you like it!
  • Thank you for this add-on, it saves me a lot of time!

    I think I've found a bug: in the add-on settings, the checkbox to keep/remove the ?utm parameters is not behaving as it should. Though I unticked that option (https://i.imgur.com/nqIR24h.png) and then clicked on "save", it's still removing the parameters anyway. This was already happening before the last update.

    When I shorten the same URL directly in is.gd, the parameters are kept, so I know the problem is not there.
    Thanks! I'll take a look!

    I can confirm this and will follow up and fix it here: https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/98

    [update] it is fixed in version 5.0.1!
  • This is a very good extension, I like it. Sometimes it did not short URL correctly example:
    Short Url: https://wp.me/p8SzfS-ydO


    Short Url: https://ricochet.com/?p=612544

    Is there a way to correct this.
    Thank you

    Thank you so much It is now perfect 100% by changing the setting you mentioned to 1
    Thank you Once again
    All The best!
    Set the setting "shorten canonical URL if longer than ... 1"
  • I like this addon but I miss one feature (for my workflow). I would like the option to simply copy the URL and no shortening taking place. (I need to paste it to another application. Some sites the short url fail and I suspect it might be an error on behalf of the webmaster but it disturbs my workflow anyway).

    Edit: setting shortening service to none does not work since the shortening embedded in the HTML is still used. Many websites I have seen uses an invalid shortened url in their HTML.
    You can just set "shortening service" to "no external service" and that should work just fine. It will simply copy the URL for you.
  • This extension works really great and have a good deal of options and customization to match almost all use cases.

    The missing star comes from a little UX annoyance. I admit it may stem from my former experience with another wonderful extension that didn't pass the infamous webextension flood.

    Anyway, I'd like to be able to bring the extension icon in the address bar, namely where the bookmark, save to pocket and "more actions" icons are.

    Really useful in my opinion. Plus I don't like the colored ruler icon at all. A less contrasted icon that can blend with the rest of the interface a bit more would be really appreciated, at least as an option.

    Despite this, a really good extension that deserves a lot of kudos!
    These are good suggestions! I am not sure if there is an API for an extension to show up in the address bar, but I'll look. I filed: https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/92
  • Excellent! Love the options and super love making the notification optional. Too many people don't do that.
  • Really very nice. Moving computers I just found out that most url shorteners won't work in Quantum. One thing, goo.gl never works, throwing up an error.

    Yes I did paste an api, still throws up an error.
    Thank you! It seems Google's URL shortener service was discontinued.


    I filed: https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/93
  • Too bad it does not work on the Android app.
    Pena não funcionar no app para Android.
  • Useful addon (FF.66b7)
  • Great add-on. I love the simplicity of it. It's got some legs now that it's one of the few that works well with Quantum. A little polish here and there and a few feature adds (e.g. custom keyboard shortcut, ability to disable/change notifications in options vs about:config) and this could become the de facto shortener for Firefox.
    Thank you for the kind review! Good suggestions (I'll track some of them here https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues ). I do not understand what you mean by about:config, all available options exist in the add-on preferences.
  • How to use the short URL of the native website?
    For example, when I go to youtube or flickr, right-click on a video or photo URL and select "Copy ShortURL", it always uses the is.gd short URL service but does not automatically use the short URL of you.be or flic.kr.
    I'll have to double-check why these websites stopped working. youtube removed the feature (https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/85) it is possible flickr did the same! Sorry about that.