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  • Absolutly indispensable. Thank you erosman.
  • God Bless all of mankind, can you please help me battle my inner demons
  • Very nice add-on. Removes formatting and unnecessary whitespaces, even on Mozilla's web page (where most add-ons are disabled)!
  • Love it
  • Allow hidden context menus, please
    Sorry, I don't know what you are asking. Please post to the Github support page so that it can be discussed.
  • works on windows.
  • Great add on, especially if when you copy lots of lists into plaintext applications. I would love a feature that removes leading whitespaces on new lines. Currently, if a line has multiple spaces at the beginning, they will be reduced to a single space.
    Please post feature requests to the support topic for discussion.
  • Perfect! Finally custom keyboard shortcut was added.
  • Appreciate for the keyboard shortcut update. I am who write "Works very well. Thanks for this extension but I have to ask, Every time I use shortcut F7, there be pop-up concerning "caret browsing" sprang up. ctrl+shift+F7 is too difficult to type on keyboard. Would you make the option of customizing the keyboard shortcut like ctrl+y? Thanks." 2 months ago. I found arbitrary shortcuts work but others not. When I added any alphabets in the combinations it didn't work, as I think. Is this a bug or just my problem? Anyway, I'm using your cool add-on with 'ctrl+1'. I'd like to appreciate once again.
    Thank you for your kind comment. The new Web Extension API to set custom keyboard shortcuts has limitations and it will disregard the setting if there is a conflict ( ie it has already been set by Firefox or another add-on). F1, F4, F7 & F8 are possible as a single key shortcut, if they are not already taken.
  • I love it! No more problems with incorrect formatting when inserting texts into differently formatted texts.
  • Просто и удобно, не нужно копировать в notepad а потом ещё раз что бы сбросить форматирование текста.
  • good
  • Much thanks for providing this add-on, Erosman, it is one of my 'must-have' functionalities for browser use that I rely on daily.

    I believe there may have been a previous similar suggestion, but if at all possible in future development, if any leading and/or trailing spaces can be trimmed/excuded with the 'copy' option, that would make this add-on flawless. I understand this may not be currently an option, just trying to provide the only possible way I can see to build on it's excellent functionality.
    Thank you for your kind comment.

    It should trim the leading/trailing spaces. If it is not doing it, please give me an example and I will work on it.

    Please post all support questions/requests to the support topic.

    The support site is listed on add-on's page under "Support Site". It is also listed on add-on's Help Page.
  • Works great - a much needed add-on. Thanks erosman.
    Thank you for your kind comment.
  • Works with Waterfox in OSX Yosemite
  • Works great for me!
  • ok
  • it worked well for me, copying news-text and posting links as I needed them. While I wait for your new version for quantum (fingers crossed), I have found that I can post text into a translation service called Deepl which removes, happily, all formatting.
    "Copy PlainText" has always been compatible with Firefox Quantum. I wrote it for that reason. Is it possible that you are referring to "Copy Plain Text" (extra space between plain & text) which is a different add-on?
  • Excellent extension, thanks for all the hard work!

    Works very well and is great for copying from browsers to HTML format emails, which often makes a complete mess of not only fonts but layout spacing as well

    Would be cool if you could set it on for the browser and that replaces CTRL+C or the copy right click menu. You could toggle it on or off as you want. No idea how feasible that is. With Quantum I assuming probably not :)
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    It is not possible to change the default Firefox Quantum copy function at the moment as there isn't a WebExtension API for it.
  • 方便复制!
  • Ottima. Fa quello che serve con semplicità.
  • Good work! I hope Firefox adds that API soon.
  • Removes formatting but does NOT remove leading, trailing or multiple spaces.
    It would be nice if the right click link was below the 'Copy' option instead of some apparently random location in the menu.
    In WebExtensions, menu appears at the bottom and it is not not possible to change that. It also removes the leading and trailing spaces and multiple spaces.

    Please don't mark the add-on down for a feature request or support queries.
    Please post all support questions/requests to the support topic.
  • Klappt prima. Wäre schön, wenn auch Links heraus genommen werden können.
  • Please can you add Copy As Plain Text show under Copy option? Please can you update name Copy Plain Text to Copy As Plain Text?

    Example: https://image.prntscr.com/image/AbuLdc7FQIO4q4hqNnRMBg.png
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